Feelings can't be a little forced

He’s out drinking and eating

Actually, I was wrong.

Feelings can't be a little forced

When this family no longer has the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, I began to pay attention to Cheng Song outside the children, I found that Cheng Song has been different from the original.

He goes out to dinner and drinks frequently.

Sometimes he takes a shower at home before going out, and then he goes to the bathroom first.He carries his mobile phone almost everywhere he goes to the toilet.

He also often urged me to take the children back to live with her parents.

The more I think, the more wrong, could not help but ask Cheng Song, asked him if there is something wrong.

Cheng Song reaction is very intense, say you too sensitive, daydream every day.

I took advantage of Cheng Song’s inattention, peeked at his mobile phone several times, but found nothing.

But women’s intuition is very accurate, I think it is not so simple.

I secretly replaced the dashcam in my car.

No king is trusted.Cheng Song had an affair.

And according to the dashcam audio, they were with me during the most intense conflict with my mother-in-law after I gave birth.

I sat on the ground, feeling that the world had fallen down.


I cried and asked Cheng Song who that woman was.

Cheng Song just kept silent and refused to say anything.

He was protecting her, afraid That I might hurt her, just as he had protected me.

My heart was cut with despair and I said, Divorce, I will help you.

Cheng Song refused.He said spending time with the mistress was just a way of relieving stress.

I asked why, why did you do this to me, what was that woman better than me?

Cheng Song said, you around the children all day, but also always say my mother is not good.

I’m under a lot of pressure at work and I’m depressed.

When I get home from work, It bothers me a lot when you say this, but I can’t tell you, I know it’s not easy for you to raise a kid, and she understands…

I suddenly didn’t know what to say.

When a person has changed his heart and no longer loves you, nothing you say or do means anything.

I looked at this man, this once gave me the sun moon star man, once let me grow old together man, I really love very much love him, also really reluctant to give up.

I said, let’s just try to change and get on with our lives, okay?

Cheng song said, ok, you give me some time, I will deal with it as soon as possible.

I said, I and the child wait for you.

Yes, At that time, I did not want to let the family so scattered.

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