Feelings can't be a little forced

Feelings can’t be forced

I got to know Cheng Song at a dinner party among friends.

He is handsome and has a warm personality.

The boy shouted five or six to drink and punch, he did not participate, just laughing to see everyone play.

I liked him well, but I was afraid to show my feelings.

A boy like Cheng Song, there must be a lot of girls like it.

I’ve never been in love before, and I feel inferior in front of the person I like.I just stayed quiet and didn’t say much.

Cheng Song’s eyes drifted over from time to time, I was a little surprised, but I was afraid of the wrong meaning.

Not long after dinner, Cheng Song’s friends joked with me.

A little inappropriate for children, I was very embarrassed, do not know how to respond.

Cheng Song directly turned his face, told his friend off, and then took me away.

I asked him why he was protecting me.

He said, you silly, can’t you see That I like you?

A flower has sprung up in my heart.


Soon after, I had an accident and was admitted to the hospital.

Cheng Song came the first time after that, and took care of me in the hospital.

The wound was deep and 15 stitches were put into the thigh, making it very inconvenient to move.

Cheng Song carries me to the bathroom every day and gives me hot water to wash my feet at night.When the wound was changed, he was so sad that he shed tears.

It was the first time anyone had cried for me except my family.

The white ward, with pink bubbles fluttering.I guess that’s what it’s like to be in love.

After being discharged from the hospital, we were officially together.

Some friends remind me that Cheng Song loves to play and has many confidantes.

But I prefer to believe in my own eyes.

Every time I worked overtime or had dinner with friends, Cheng song would tell me in advance.I didn’t find out he was having an affair with another girl.

Even if he had a flower heart, as long as I am his destination.


After two years of love, we began to talk about marriage.

Cheng Song took me home and met his mother.

His mother is very pleased with me.Urging us to get married and have a grandson.My parents think cheng Song is nice, too.

We bought a house and got married, and everything went well.

Six months after I got married, I got pregnant.

Cheng song was delighted and took the time to walk with me and do my antenatal check-ups.

My early morning sickness severe, Cheng Song changed the method to give me good food, but also on the Internet to find a lot of ways to alleviate.

My mother said pregnant to eat more fruit, Cheng Song went to the fruit store to move a few boxes back.

I looked at a pile of fruit in the kitchen, said with a smile, you are raising pigs.

In the third trimester, my legs were severely swollen. Cheng song helped me soak and massage my feet every day.

Although pregnancy is hard, but with Cheng Song’s love, I think everything is worth it.

But I did not expect, under the quiet life, hidden the surging waves.

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