Don't regret it after your parents have left

When we were wounded, they brought us back

Parents are our heroes.

They give us wings, let us brave to fly.

Don't regret it after your parents have left

When we were wounded, they brought us back to the castle to heal us.

To give thee wings, and to cover thy wings.

That’s what parents are.

Our parents’ home is our world.

The filial piety of the world, too late to wait

Bi Shumin once wrote in her book:

“I believe that every honest and sincere child has made the grand wish of ‘filial piety’ to his parents in the bottom of his heart.

I believe that the future will be long, I believe that the day will come naturally, I believe that I will return to my hometown with success, And I can do my filial piety calmly.”

Don’t forget that things change and time waits for no one.

As we grow up, our parents grow old.

We thought there was a long way to go and probably no one was waiting.

Sa beining once said in another show that one day after her mother died, she turned to her mother’s WeChat account.

I wanted to open the chat log and listen to my mother again.

When I opened it, there were only a few messages, not a single voice.

Sa says he sends a bunch of messages with colleagues and friends every day.

But with the mother’s communication, only a few words to count.

Therefore, Sa Beining now makes every effort to be kind to his father, and brings him to Beijing to accompany his father all the time.

Just ah, stay in mother’s regret, no chance to make up.

We walk on the road of life, always think everything will be in time, the result is often slow.

So ah,

Don’t let waiting be an excuse,

Don’t let the company be a regret,

Cherish the happiness of your parents.

While the parents are still there, more company, more chat, even if it is just a phone greeting.

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