Don't regret it after your parents have left

No matter how far we go, how many grievances

The world is no bigger than a home.

 Don't regret it after your parents have left

No matter how far we go, how many grievances, how many blows.

How to take a hard breath in the middle of a midlife crisis and be devastated by life.

As long as our parents are there, we will always have a home where we can stop and rest.

I have a friend who lives in America.

Twins were born last year.

The father often went on business trips without the help of his parents-in-law and his parents were far away from home.

She dragged two children, every day on the edge of collapse.

After half a year, she began to feel a little depressed.

Often update status with friends late at night:

“Sorry, I really can’t be a good mother.”

“I’m so tired, I really can’t go on.”

Friends parents learned of the situation, immediately sent her a message, let her stay in China for a period of time.

Her mother told her to come back first class and pay for the ticket.

Home off the plane, parents early in the airport waiting.

At home, mom and dad every day in different ways for her to do all kinds of delicious.

After a month home, she slowly came out of the doldrums.

Mom and dad in the home, is always our shelter, not only give us warmth, but also provide protection.

A classmate met his husband on the Internet when he was young.

He came to Beijing from his hometown in Zhejiang province in spite of his parents’ dissuade him.

Married and with children, she is slowly settling down in Beijing.

Unexpectedly, the rest of the day is a nightmare.

After marriage, her husband got drunk and kicked her, leaving her with bruises.

Once, during a video with her parents, her father noticed that she had a big swollen eye.

Ask her what’s wrong.

Not wanting to worry her parents, she said she had accidentally bumped into a wardrobe.

Later, my father learned about her condition from my sister and took a high-speed train to Beijing overnight.

Students opened the door, outside the door stood the dusty old father, eyes covered with red blood.

In spite of her surprise, the father, who was always gentle, went up to his son-in-law and said:

“My daughter, you don’t hurt me.”

“Girl, go home with Dad.”

My classmate later told me that at that time she finally understood that it was never a prince who drove colorful auspicious clouds to save himself.

Parents are our heroes.

They give us wings, let us brave to fly.

When we were wounded, they brought us back to the castle to heal us.

To give thee wings, and to cover thy wings.

That’s what parents are.

Our parents’ home is our world.

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