Don't regret it after your parents have left

Life still has a way to go when your parents are around

“When my parents passed away, I lost my place in life. Without their attention and share, I felt even more lonely on the magnificent stage. Applause can’t make up for my loss.”

 Don't regret it after your parents have left

When parents are present, life still has a way to go.

Parents go, life is only the way back.

Parents, we will always be a child

In middle age, we are surrounded by people who need to depend on us every day when we open our eyes.

We are forced to put on armor and train ourselves to be invulnerable.

But as long as our parents are around, no matter how old we are, we are all spoiled children.

A 107-year-old woman in Henan province went to have a wedding reception and was given a candy at her wedding.

The old woman did not eat, but put it in her pocket.

When she got home, she carefully took the sugar out of her pocket and prodded an old man nearby.

See over the sugar, the old man took the past, immediately smile on the face of a flower.

Turns out, next to the old man, is 107 years old grandmother’s daughter, 84 years old this year.

I hope that by the time I’m 84, when I say “Mom,” there will be someone to respond to.

Some time ago, another video was also warm.

A 60-year-old son from Shandong province comes home late from drinking.

My 85-year-old mother stayed up worrying at home.

When her son finally got home, she picked up the shoes and began to play.

“Come back so late, you don’t think of wife?”

Finally, the son took advantage of the mother turned around, leaning on the wall with a smile and fled.

A happy face.

60 years old, drink late home and his mother waiting for him at home, worried about him, scolded is also a very happy thing ah ~

As long as our parents are here, we will always be sons and daughters.

Can sajiao, can be capricious, has been loved.

When our parents are here, home is our world

The world is no bigger than a home.

No matter how far we go, how many grievances, how many blows.

How to take a hard breath in the middle of a midlife crisis and be devastated by life.

As long as our parents are there, we will always have a home where we can stop and rest.

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  1. In front of our parents we will always be children, we should always have a grateful heart.Thank you for sharing this article.

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