Don't regret it after your parents have left

Trees like silence when the wind is strong

Sa Beining seldom has a serious talk, but the topic of conversation is extremely heavy.

Sa Beining, who has just become a new father, Shared a rare glimpse of his private life on The show.

Don't regret it after your parents have left

After the twins were born, he says, his first WeChat was to his mother:

Your two little grandchildren were born.

But there was no reply…

Because my mother is dead.

The joy of being a new father, I want to share it with my dearest one: Mom, you are a grandma.

Just ah, the world no longer the slightest echo.

The world in all directions, can reach any distance, but no way, can lead to the mother’s side.

The tree wants to calm down while the wind is blowing. The son wants to raise but not wait.

When you are an adult, every step you take is one step closer to saying goodbye.

Parents and children a long, affectionate fate, or a parting in the end.

Helpless and cruel.

When your parents are with you, life is with you

In my Little Girl, Gao Yalin once said a word to Jiao Junyan:

“Parents are a wall between us and death.”

When our parents are around, we dada forward, rush forward, rush forward.

Rampage, no scruples, full of confidence.

Because this wall keeps out all the rain, snow, wind and frost for us.

It also blocks death.

Once our parents are gone, we have to fight with death with our bare hands.

A colleague said her grandmother died last year.

As the eldest son of the family, Dad hurried back to his hometown to take care of the funeral affairs.

He entertained family and friends, discussed the funeral arrangements, and was calm and restrained.

After the funeral, relatives gathered in the hall to make noise. Dad stayed alone in Grandma’s room.

When my colleague opened the door, my father heard the noise and looked up, tears streaming down his face.

“My daughter, father has no mother…”

The pain of losing my mother, in that moment all tear open.

Parents left, no place to belong to, and no longer for their own life.

When the wall fell, one looked to the end and knew how short life was.

In 2018, Fei yuqing abruptly announced his retirement from the entertainment industry. He wrote in a personal letter:

“When my parents passed away, I lost my place in life. Without their attention and share, I felt even more lonely on the magnificent stage. Applause can’t make up for my loss.”

When parents are present, life still has a way to go.

Parents go, life is only the way back.

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  1. Learn to cherish the time spent with your parents, don’t wait until it is lost and then regret.Thank you for sharing this article.

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