Just how cute human cubs are

As long as they have a dream in their heart

And, of course, a bunch of kids who were born to dance.

As long as they have a dream in their heart, everywhere is a stage.


Like this one:

Just how cute human cubs are


Wear mother’s sandals, flowing sheets, dance the most enchanting dance.


You don’t need a big stage, just an open space at the door.


Finally know what is called natural beauty is hard to abandon.


Or this one:



The concrete won’t stop him. He dances like a dust.

“If you pour a city into a country, you will pour a country into another.”


So much for that.


If the dance above is a little difficult, that square dance, is definitely easy to learn children easy to use skills.


Look, who is the swan goose dancing for?


Jump like a fool, like a dream.

Tonight, you are the most affectionate baby in the square.


Of course, a little bit of “wild” music is not to be lost.


Then go start!


Come on, “Draw a dragon with me on the left and a rainbow with me on the right.”


If it’s a brother, come dance.

“Tango is a walk, three steps and a double turn!”


Left twist twist, right twist twist, tonight, we are the most beautiful baby on the square!

Of course, there are times when you push too hard, when the dance isn’t pretty but the action is great.


To dance, you must be the most soul dancer.

Really not good, buttocks twist, have that smell.


If the heart in, the dream in, first study, after the teacher.


I believe that in a few months, I will be able to defeat the world unbeatable.


The netizen said: “When the music is loud, my parents raise it for nothing.”


Yes, this enchanting dance, grow up can be extraordinary.

Behavioral disorientation


Finally, there is another type, which, despite its confusing behavior, has a cute value of extraordinary!


Look at these two sisters:

Take out your slippers, snap your lips, and say, “Yeah!”

This is a good one. Come on, let’s take another one. Look at the soles!Let’s say “yeah”!

Wow, it’s beautiful, but remember to edit it, sister!


I can’t wait to see the beautiful photos


By the way, I’m going to get my slippers!


And this one:

Sitting on his beloved scooter, never have to worry about traffic jams ~


Lollipop on the mouth, hands should not be idle.


With all due respect, the joy of joyride, you will not understand!!Ha ha

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