Just how cute human cubs are

Human cubs are so cute

These days, a small video posted by a kindergarten teacher has gone viral.

Just how cute human cubs are

I saw a good-looking little boy facing the camera, not shy, and even to the teacher to raise eyebrows, ogling ~

Kindergarten teacher said, the child has a high eq, sometimes the teacher made an angry expression, cute baby a wink, the teacher laughed.

This prim little ogle, not only won the favor of the teacher, but also captured the hearts of netizens, many people said:

“Congratulations, he has the right to choose a mate early!”

“This child is not only good-looking, but also knows how to make people happy, and he wants to trick me into giving birth to a baby!”

As we all know, human babies are weird and natural.

They often use unexpected loveliness, to the tired parents of the boring life, add some color.

Today, we take stock of the moments when human babies explode.

Temperament type

The first kind of cub, although small, temperament is very tight.

Look, this young man, young, listening to music, but the pose is very standard.

The left hand supports the body, the right hand dozen rhythm, want two peanuts, a cup of small wine.

There are, of course, some natural foot artisans.

While concentrating on “work”, while turning your foot seriously, feel at ease.

I have to say, now meng Po soup, a bowl of quality than a bowl.

And then there’s this guy, half a smile:

Courtesy with a little disdain, the eyes can tell you, what is temperament, what is aura!

And this:

When grandpa brings up a child, prudence is a must.

Back of hands, feet eight.

Grandpa said, as long as the performance is good, the ancestral playing walnut is mine!

Sometimes, I really don’t understand:

Around this group of children, how so naive?

Mature as I, as I see through.

My damnable, steady temperament ~ makes other children lose color!

“Magic disc, magic disc, please tell me, who is the most handsome cub in the world?”

‘It’s you, it’s you, it must be you!

Yeah!I don’t have to eat lunch today, because I’m fed up with being handsome.

For the honor of the class, I bear, my age should not bear the weight of life.

Win or lose is not important, important is, the momentum must be in place!

Left hand trouser pocket, right hand fist high!

Everybody come with me: “Middle class, lead by a mile!

I don’t believe it. I don’t scare Big Ben’s kids.

Sure enough, temperament regardless of age, human cubs in temperament this, never lost.

Soul dancer

And, of course, a bunch of kids who were born to dance.

As long as they have a dream in their heart, everywhere is a stage.

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