It is also a kind of life attitude to properly empty yourself

He found shipbuilding profitable

In 1889, Edouard Michelin set up a tire workshop in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Demand was so great that within a few years his tire workshop had become a large company.

It is also a kind of life attitude to properly empty yourself

As the company got bigger, Edward was exposed to more and more business:

He found shipbuilding profitable, and founded a shipyard;

He thought brewing was good too, so he set up another brewing company…


As Edward slowly became the richest man in Clermont-Ferrand, problems began to arise —


Every day he has more things to deal with, more decisions to make, and more work to do.

But a few years later, everything, including the tire company, was losing money, and Edward wondered.


One day, Edward visited a vineyard and saw farmers picking and dumping some green grapes by the basket. He asked sadly:

“There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the grapes. Why pick them and throw them away?”

The farmers explained:

‘If you don’t take some of the grapes away, all the grapes are competing for nutrients, and if you take some of the grapes away, you save more nutrients for other grapes so they can grow bigger and better.’


Edward chewed and chewed their words, and slowly a truth came to him:

“Isn’t it the same as running a company?I always thought that the more business I had, the more successful I would be. In fact, I was distracting myself from doing anything well.”


Within six months, Edward had shut down or sold all but the tires to do what would eventually become his greatest career.


Today, the company’s tire business has covered more than 200 countries and regions around the world, Michelin Tires is also known as the “global tire technology leader.”


I like a sentence in the poem “Human Life” very much:

“There is not enough time in one’s life to accomplish everything, there is not enough space to accommodate every desire.

If desire is compared to the car’s throttle, then abstinence is equivalent to the car’s brakes, if a car only accelerator without brakes, the consequences are likely to be car destruction.


Moderate life, to live more advanced, more happy.

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  1. Learn to live in moderation, and your life will become more perfect. Know that the good life is all your own creation.Thank you for sharing this article.

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