It is also a kind of life attitude to properly empty yourself

What’s the use of reading poetry? Can you eat it?

His friend’s words made him enchanted, so he began to squeeze out leisure, trying to do some flowers, climb mountains, reading books and other unrelated business trifles.

Slowly, his nerves relaxed and he finally felt the good feeling of calm.

It is also a kind of life attitude to properly empty yourself

In real life, many people have a kind of habitual thinking, everything always like to ask whether it is useful:

“What’s the use of reading poetry, can you eat it?”


“What’s the use of practicing calligraphy? Can you sell it?”


“What’s the point of fishing, networking?”

Liang Wendao has a good saying: “Reading some useless books, doing some useless things, spending some useless time, are in order to keep beyond all known, a chance to surpass oneself, some of the great changes in life are from these moments.


It’s true, springs break when stretched too tight, and people “die” when they are too busy.


Taking time off from work to do seemingly “useless” things is just a way to give yourself a break, slow down, rest your feet, gather energy, and pack lightly.


Taking time off from work, stealing is not only leisure, stealing is a kind of fun, is a kind of ease, is a kind of security, but also live up to their own lives.


If being tight in your spare time is to be prepared for a rainy day, then taking time off from a busy day is a great wisdom.


Empty, is to learn restraint


Wang Yangming said, “We should study hard, seeking less day by day, not more day by day.To lose one part of human desire is to gain another part of nature. How light and easy and easy!”


People’s energy is always limited, life should not be designed too crowded, everything should leave some space for themselves.


If you don’t control your desires, you will get nothing if you want everything.


Read such a story.


In 1889, Edouard Michelin set up a tire workshop in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Demand was so great that within a few years his tire workshop had become a large company.


As the company got bigger, Edward was exposed to more and more business:

He found shipbuilding profitable, and founded a shipyard;

He thought brewing was good too, so he set up another brewing company…


As Edward slowly became the richest man in Clermont-Ferrand, problems began to arise —

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