It is also a kind of life attitude to properly empty yourself

Properly emptying yourself is also an attitude to life

Read this passage:

“When we are young, we face the world and can’t wait to create and fill it.

With gorgeous and full colors, with gorgeous and sincere brushwork, tell the world, tell yourself:

I’ve loved, I’ve been here, I’ve succeeded.

It is also a kind of life attitude to properly empty yourself

However, none of us is a painter who can throw colors on the canvas of life.”

Life should be measured, too full is disaster.

Empty, is a necessary debugging of life;Emptiness is an indispensable excess of tension and relaxation;Emptiness is also the lubricant of physical and mental maintenance.

As the years grow older, I understand that to leave a “blank” in my life is the greatness and wisdom of life.

To be idle is to be idle

I heard a colleague tell such a story.

There was a young company manager who was very nervous and had been seeing a psychologist for several months. His condition did not improve.

At night, he swallowed a sleeping pill, still clinging to the laptop work;He made incoherent calls to control his foreign business and his hands were in a cold sweat.

A friend advised him to learn to take a break from his work, to find a less useful chore to do every day, and to do it with all his heart and mind and nothing else.

He smiled sadly.

“One’s own enterprise can not finish the useful things, how can you consider doing the useless things?

Maybe that’s the problem, my friend thinks, because his business is all important, from playing football to lunch and evening entertainment.

A friend asked him if he had a desk plant in his office. If so, he might as well take good care of it for 15 minutes every day.

In addition to watering, you can also buy white sand grains, covering the surface of the earth.

Prepare a small piece of clean cloth and wipe the leaves carefully.

He said to his friend:

“If I do that, people will think I’m crazy.”

His friend told him that there was a rich businessman in the United States. Whenever he found himself in a state of high tension, he would put down his work and take out a cloth from the drawer to sew on a button.

Now there are more. The rich businessman is sharpening pencils, making origami, photographing the scenery outside his window and even sketching subordinates.

His friend’s words made him enchanted, so he began to squeeze out leisure, trying to do some flowers, climb mountains, reading books and other unrelated business trifles.

Slowly, his nerves relaxed and he finally felt the good feeling of calm.

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  1. Emptiness is essential to overstress and relaxation, to find leisure and pleasure in busy days.Thank you for sharing this article.

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