Chen Ping was a resourceful prime minister

Then he urged liu Heng, king of the Han Dynasty

In the years that followed, when The empress Lu ruled and the relatives of the Lu family ruled, The shrewd Chen Ping became, in the eyes of many people, a backer to the Lu family.

Chen Ping was a resourceful prime minister

Even when Empress Lu broke the “White Horse Alliance” and tried to make her own son a king, Chen Ping became an admirer.

But it was in this period of wisdom and health, Chen Ping but silently layout, finally after the death of Lv Hou, successfully engineered the “Zhou Bo capture army” incident, in as peaceful a way as possible, to resolve a nearly ruined han dynasty chaos.

Then he urged liu Heng, king of the Han Dynasty, to enter the capital and succeed him.

Later, Chen Ping was an important initiator of the brilliant governance of wenjing.

After the installation of Emperor Wen, Chen Ping felt that Zhou Bo’s contribution was greater, so he offered him the position of right prime minister.

This is also the scene of the dialogue between Emperor Wen of han and Chen Ping.

After that, Zhou Bo was ashamed and felt that his ability was far inferior to That of Chen Ping, so he resigned his position due to illness, and Chen Ping became the sole prime minister of the Han Dynasty.

Chen Ping’s name sounds ordinary, but his life is extraordinary.

To bear a name of shame and a shame to laugh at, but to accomplish great things, has been said for a thousand years, is a profound wisdom.

Sima Qian commented:

“We often make strange plans to remedy the disputes and shake up the country.End with a good name, called a virtuous phase.Isn’t it good to begin and good to end?Who can do that without knowing?”

Chen ping with his “smooth and changeable” worldly wisdom, broke cast aside the bow once the birds are gone, trusted AIDS are eliminated when they finish their mission meritorious “magic spell”, avoided disaster again and again.

Perhaps, as he cuts his meat down, he is looking forward to the future.

What is legend?

It is a legend to nip in the bud and nip in the bud, and that is the legend of Chen Ping.

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