Chen Ping is a resourceful prime minister

The six qi had vassal vassals and the four dynasties

A few words made Liu Bang’s doubts disappear, and he became more favorable to Chen Ping. He was promoted to lieutenant of the Protection army, specialized in supervising generals.

From then on, Chen Ping began to usher in his grand plan of opportunity.

Chen Ping is a resourceful prime minister

The six qi had vassal vassals and the four dynasties had evergreen trees

In times of crisis, unconventional tools are needed, and miracles often happen.

Liu Bang came to the side of Chen Ping can be said to be like a fish in water, he frequently before and after the odd plan, to help Liu Bang save the day.

Sima Qian also praised him in the historical records: “The six Qi were used, and the princes and guests followed the Han Dynasty.”

It can be said that without Chen Ping, The fate of Liu Bang was more ominous than the fate of the Han Dynasty.

In 203 BC, the War between Chu and Han reached its most intense moment.For a year, Xiang Yu besieged Him in Xingyang City, cutting off foreign aid and access to food and grass.

At this time, Chen Ping put forward a plan and asked Liu Bang to buy off some generals of the Chu army with gold. He asked them to spread rumors:

“Among the subordinates of the king of Xiang, The fanyafu and Zhong Zimai made the greatest contributions, but they were not able to break up the soil and become Kings.

They have made an agreement with The king of Han, Liu Bang, to destroy Xiang Yu together.”

These words reached The ears of Xiang Yu, made him suspicious, indeed as expected to the bell from the ambiguous had doubts, after there are important things will no longer discuss with the bell from the ambiguous.

Then, Chen Ping took advantage of Xiang Yu’s sending envoys to speak of his surrender and treated them differently. He took the opportunity to humiliate Xiang Yu and praise Fan Zeng, thereby alienating Xiang Yu and Fan Zeng.

Finally lead to xiang Yu doubt Fan Zeng, Fan Zeng know xiang Yu no longer trust themselves, he took the initiative to resign, go home.

The result has not returned to his hometown, he died of “gangue back.”

With the death of Fan Zeng, there were few people in Xiang Yu’s team who could help him with his plans, and the fall of Xiang Yu was just around the corner.

Later, to break out of Xingyang, Liu Bang heeded Chen Ping’s advice and let 2,000 women march through the city’s East gate.

Xiang Yu’s soldiers did not see this situation ah, the battlefield is full of beautiful women, all look silly, Chen Ping took advantage of the chaos and Liu Bang and others fled from the west gate!

Later, Chen Ping in the “Baideng siege” is to help Liu Bang out of trouble.

In 201 BC, Han Xin colluded with the Xiongnu in an attempt to attack Taiyuan, and Liu Bang personally led 300,000 troops against the Xiongnu.

Liu Bang misjudged the situation and fell into the trap of the Xiongnu. Besieged by 400,000 troops on bai Shan Mountain in Pingcheng, Shanxi for seven days and seven nights, Liu Bang was almost desperate.

But Chen didn’t give up. He saw a glimmer of hope in his despair.

He saw the modu chanyu khan to new hsiungnu spoiled, and often ride with hsiungnu parade, inconvenience.

So Chen ping liu bang to contribute, and sent him to the hsiungnu offer a lot of gold and silver jewelry, to persuade khan withdrawal, finally solve the siege of white board makes the han army to survive.

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