Chen Ping was a resourceful prime minister

Chen Ping felt that he was the doorma

Unfortunately, the king of Wei was not a wise man. He did not listen to Chen Ping’s advice, but he did listen to others speaking ill of Chen Ping.

Faced with such an embarrassing situation, Chen Ping did not recommend to the king of Wei further, nor did he explain away the bad words of others, but quietly left the king of Wei and went to Xiang Yu.

Chen Ping was a resourceful prime minister

However, Chen Ping was not given a good position in Xiang Yu’s office. Instead, he was angry with Xiang Yu.In 205 BC, Sima MAO, king of Yin, took chu to the Han. Xiang Yu turned his wrath on Chen Ping.

Chen Ping felt that he was the doormat and that xiang Yu might kill him one day.

So he put his seal on the gold and secretly left for his good friend, Wei Ignoramus, who worked for Liu Bang.

Chen Ping ran to the Yellow River without stopping, so he had to ask the boatman to take him across.

Chen Ping boarded the boat, the boatman has been staring at him.

Chen Ping thought that the boatman, seeing my good looks, might think that I was a high-ranking official running away with jewelry. He was afraid that he was not trying to kill me for money.

In order to save his own life, Chen Ping immediately took off his clothes, threw them on the boat, and came to help the boatman row with his shirt off.

The boatman saw that he had nothing at his waist, and his clothes fell on the boat without any sound. Knowing that he had nothing valuable on him, he gave up the idea of harming him.

A dangerous, but he was easy to resolve.

Chen Ping, recommended by Wei, was able to see Liu Bang.Two people hit it off at first sight, the world on events, very speculative.

Liu Bang made an exception and appointed Chen Ping as the second commander of the army. He stayed at his side as a military officer and ordered him to supervise the general of the third Army.

Chen Ping, an outsider, suddenly became a “helicopter”, causing dissatisfaction among the generals.

Zhou Bo, irrigation baby and others have said he misconducts, “steal sister-in-law Gold”, think this kind of people can not trust reuse.

See all said so, Liu Bang also suddenly hesitated, called Chen Ping to question:

“I heard that you used to help the king of Wei, then left the king of Wei to help the overlord of Chu, and now you are helping me. Why don’t you let others doubt your faith?”

Chen Ping replied slowly:

“I serve the king of Wei, but the king of Wei can’t use me. I left him to help Xiang Yu of Chu, but Xiang Yu doesn’t trust me either. I long expected your majesty to be good at employing people, so I came to join you.

I’m still me, but I’m not the same person.”

A few words made Liu Bang’s doubts disappear, and he became more favorable to Chen Ping. He was promoted to lieutenant of the Protection army, specialized in supervising generals.

From then on, Chen Ping began to usher in his grand plan of opportunity.

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