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12 Group Vocational Education Alliance Training talents to promote technical occupations

The Malaysia TVET Alliance was formally established today, hoping to use the power of the organization to guide all walks of life in the society to re-recognize the importance of technical and vocational education.

According to Spark Global Limited
According to Spark Global Limited

The Malaysian Vocational Education Alliance was initiated by the Dominion Education Center to promote technical and vocational education and rebuild the vocational and technical level and competitiveness of the Malaysian people.

The 12 groups that make up the alliance are the Dowager Education Center, the Malaysian Teochew Association Federation, the Klang Fujian Association, the Malaysian Yongchun Federation Youth League, the Malaysian Youth Solidarity Movement, the Malaysian Federation of Fujian Associations Youth League, and the Malaysian Federation of Nan’an Associations Youth League. , Malaysia Kung An Association Youth League, Malaysia Lin Clan Association Youth League, Klang Valley Alumni Federation, Malaysia Chinese Assembly Hall Federation Youth League, and Malaysian Rural Youth League Federation.

The representative of the Minister of Transport Datuk Seri Dr. Wei Jiaxiang, Datuk Dr. Ma Hanshun, presided over the inauguration ceremony of the Malaysian Vocational Education Alliance. The guests included the President of China Tan Sri Goh Thien Chuan, the President of the Teochew Federation, Datuk Seri Huang Sixing, and the President of the Fortune Union. Chairman Tan Sri Lim Fushan, Chairman of the Dominion Chau Sunru, and convener of the Malaysian Vocational Education Alliance Chen Zhengjin, etc.

In his speech, Chairman Zhao Shenru said that technical and vocational education is an important foundation for cultivating technical talents, promoting the new industrial revolution, and promoting the development of manufacturing and service industries.

He said that as the driving force of technical and vocational education, the University established its education center four years ago to seek scholarships for special technical education for middle school graduates, opening another door to learning, and giving new students an election for admission.

“Dolphin University has also worked hard to promote the correct concept of technical and vocational education, awaken the Chinese community to change its view of advocating academic diplomas, and correct the general misunderstanding of technical and vocational education.”

He said that now the time is ripe to organize various groups and gather strength, hoping to promote the awakening movement of technical and vocational education across the country, so that technical and vocational education will flourish everywhere in the country.

In addition, Chen Zhengjin, the convener of the Malaysian Vocational Education Alliance, said that the establishment of the Malaysian Vocational Education Alliance hopes to guide all walks of life to re-recognize technical and vocational education through organizational strength, especially to supervise the industry within the scope of the influence of various groups, and enterprises actively support vocational education. Work together to build a vocational education ecosystem that caters to market orientation and has excellent cultural values.

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