Chen Ping is a resourceful prime minister

At that time, it was rare to eat meat, as recorded

Chen Ping did not pay attention to the unexpected gossip. He knew that silence was better than argument.

He continued to study hard, looking forward to the day when he would show what he had learned.

Chen Ping is a resourceful prime minister

In one year, people thought of Chen Ping, who had achieved academic success, and recommended him as the temple treasurer, presiding over the sacrifice god, and dividing the meat for everyone.

During the Qin and Han Dynasties, the custom of social sacrifice gradually came into being for the people to pray for abundant crops in the coming year.

It was usually performed by a person of some local prestige who, in addition to presiding over the sacrifice of the gods, had an important job to do — dividing the meat for the villagers.

At that time, it was rare to eat meat, as recorded in the Book of Rites:

“Princes don’t kill cattle without any reason, doctors don’t kill sheep without any reason, shi don’t kill dog shi without any reason, concubines don’t eat Jane without any reason.”

If the meat isn’t well distributed, it’s easy to get beaten!

But Chen Ping divided the meat evenly. The local people all praised him and said:

“Chen Ping did a good job of dividing the meat. He was very competent.”

Chen Ping said with emotion:

“If I Chen Ping had the chance to govern the world, I would be as competent as dividing meat.”

Although Chen Ping was praised one by one by the villagers, they remained indifferent to him as before.

When Chen Ping reached the age to marry a wife, “the rich would not be willing to give up, and the poor would be ashamed if they were flat”.

In the end, only a rich merchant named Zhang Minus was willing to betrothed his granddaughter to Chen Ping. This was because his granddaughter had married five times and her husband had died. No one dared to marry her any more.

Chen Ping did not care, and finally married the granddaughter back home.

However, in the eyes of the villagers, Chen Ping became a greedy man of benijin. Everyone believed that he married the granddaughter of the Zhang family because he was greedy for money.

Chen Ping still chose to keep silent, which also became the turning point of Chen Ping’s life. He did not die as early as before as the elder brother of his five former husbands, but became richer and richer with each passing day and more and more friends.

In the heart of Chu Ying in the Han, the good minister chose mastermind the world

In 209 BC, the first large-scale popular uprising in Chinese history — the Daze Township uprising broke out.

Chen Sheng rose up and made Wei Guo the king of Wei.

unwilling to mediocre Chen Ping watchful move, he bid farewell to his brother defected to wei Wang Gu’s administration to find a job, hope to do a big cause.

Unfortunately, the king of Wei was not a wise man. He did not listen to Chen Ping’s advice, but he did listen to others speaking ill of Chen Ping.

Faced with such an embarrassing situation, Chen Ping did not recommend to the king of Wei further, nor did he explain away the bad words of others, but quietly left the king of Wei and went to Xiang Yu.

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