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To defend mother tongue education movement, Senshu gets 240 visas

The “Maintain the Spirit of the Constitution, Defend Mother Tongue Education” campaign responded to by the Negeri Sembilan Chinese School Board of Directors, Negeri Sembilan Chinese Assembly Hall, Negeri Sembilan Chinese School Alumni Association and Negeri Sembilan Chinese School Teachers’ Association. So far, 240 signed forms have been received.

According to Spark Global Limited
According to Spark Global Limited

The Senzhou Board of Directors and the Sen Teachers’ Association have received a total of 156 signed applications from the board of directors/family education associations from 82 Chinese primary schools, 2 independent high schools and 4 national Chinese middle schools in Quan Sen, as well as the development of Chinese primary schools in various counties and districts. Senhuatang and Sen Alumni Association also received 84 signed forms from Senzhou Chinese League and Alumni Association.

The above four groups issued a statement today, saying so.

The statement stated that the “Maintain the Spirit of the Constitution and the Defense of Mother Tongue Education” campaign mainly called on the government to safeguard the spirit of the Constitution, safeguard the multi-source education system, and ensure the right of mother tongue education granted by the Constitution.

The statement also stated that in recent years, several organizations have initiated multiple lawsuits, claiming that Hua Dan Xiao was unconstitutional, and filed a court to challenge Hua Dan Xiao’s legal status. To this end, Dong Jiao Zong, Hua Zong, and Alumni Association established 11 The Chinese Communist Youth League Working Committee has launched a nationwide movement to “maintain the spirit of the constitution and defend mother tongue education”.

The four groups have called on the board of directors, tutoring associations and alumni associations of Chinese schools in the state on the 3rd of this month, as well as the Chinese groups to actively respond to this signing movement. The lawsuit injects a cardiotonic agent.

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