Chen Ping is a resourceful prime minister

The most useless people are often the most powerful

Chen Ping, the famous prime minister of the Western Han Dynasty.

Resourceful, with a strange plan to help Liu Bang won the world, the beginning of the Han Dynasty was called Qu Hou.

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During the reign of Emperor Wen, he was promoted to the right prime minister and later became the left prime minister.

Chen Ping’s life is full of legend. He once worked under Xiang Yu, but he was not taken seriously.

Later defecting to Liu Bang, “six out of the strange plan” for Liu Bang to seize the world made a heroic contribution.

Today, let’s listen to the story of Chen Ping, a famous official of the Western Han Dynasty.

During the Reign of Emperor Wen of the Western Han Dynasty, a certain day’s meeting took place.

Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty suddenly asked the right prime minister Zhou Bo about “the cases decided by the state and the income and expenditure of money and grain”. This was not The responsibility of Zhou Bo, and how did he know it? Now the emperor asked, he could only shake his head again and again, saying that he did not know.

Emperor Wen gave him an unhappy look and then turned his eyes to Chen Ping, the left prime minister, to ask him to answer.

Chen Ping understood and stood up and said:

“As to the number of cases, your Majesty may ask the Captain;The problem of money and grain income, your Majesty can ask ji Su Internal history.”

Emperor Wen of Han then asked:

“If these are masters, what is your Lord?”

Chen Ping replied:

“The duty of the prime minister was to assist the emperor, to govern the vassals of Siyi in the outer towns, to support the people in the inner cities, and to make all the officials perform their duties.”

Chen Ping, the number language, is the main guest, not only for his “do not know” to find a reasonable excuse, but also let the Emperor of The Han convinced.

“Quick wits, good at making quick changes”, this is Chen Ping’s “special skill”.

Chen Ping this life 3 easy its advocate, 6 give odd plan, li Shi gao Zu, Emperor of hui, Lu Hou, emperor of text 4 dynasty but do not fall, it may be said politics is evergreen tree, duty field tumbler.

It is in this way that he can create a legendary life of his own.

Fiery-browed I coolly defy a thousand points, head bowed like a willing ox I serve the children

In his youth, Chen Ping was poor, but he had ambitions. He especially liked the theories of Huang Di and Lao Tzu.

Seeing this, Chen Bo, his eldest brother, took up the task of working without complaint, so that Chen Ping could go on a study tour to learn more about him.

But this annoyed his sister-in-law, who often complained:

“Hum!Your brother is an idle fellow, better than none at all!”

The results!Chen Bo two words don’t say, direct give wife to Sue.

Chen Ping and his brother divorced his wife has nothing to do, but the neighbors more than miscellaneous, three people into a tiger.

Later the rumor turned into Chen Boxiu’s wife because Chen Ping found adultery with his wife, but helpless move.

This also became the “stain” of Chen Ping’s life.

Chen Ping did not pay attention to the unexpected gossip. He knew that silence was better than argument.

He continued to study hard, looking forward to the day when he would show what he had learned.

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  1. Chen Ping’s legendary life is worth us to savor and learn, in the face of adversity must also learn to grow.Thank you for sharing this article.

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