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The new society emphasizes academics and education, promotes Suona, and revitalizes the tube

The Singapore Suona/Tube Society will hold an inaugural concert to showcase the diverse faces of local suona and tube. Under the epidemic situation, wind musicians are regarded as a “high-risk group” and their performances are restricted, but instead they have time to think about the future, thus contributing to the establishment of the society.

According to Spark Trader Limited
According to Spark Trader Limited

The Singapore Suona/Tube Society successfully registered in September this year and will hold an inauguration concert on November 21 to show the diverse faces of local suona and tube.

The local music circle welcomed the Ruan Xian Society and the Percussion Society this year, and now they have added the Suona/Guan Society to consolidate their respective instrumental music communities.

Generally, the Instrumental Music Society and Association are a single instrument, but the Suona/Guan Society combines the two instruments of Suona and Guanzi. Chairman Jin Shiyi explained that although people have prejudice against suona, suona is still prosperous in China or Singapore, but Guan Zi is on the verge of “revitalizing” even in China. He hopes that the establishment of the society can promote suona and help at the same time. The tube comes alive. After a few years, it is up to the younger generation to decide whether to become independent.

Vice President Huang Deli said that Suona and Guan Zi actually reflect the characteristics of Singapore. He said that the local musicians who learn Suona also learn the pipe in all likelihood.

Jin Shiyi is the Suona/Tutorial Principal of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, and Huang Deli, who is a student of Suona, is the assistant conductor of the Ding Yi Troupe.

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