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Students with their own merits should avoid comparing themselves

Gao Xiangwei, chairman of Shenjing (Hagule) Hua Elementary School, said that every student has his different growing family and background, and has his different advantages under the learning strategy of his parents.

According to Spark Trader Limited
According to Spark Trader Limited

Parents always give their children the best, he says, but change according to different circumstances.

When a child finds out that his classmates have something he doesn’t, he complains about his parents, he says.

“We don’t need comparisons, especially material ones, because such comparisons are unproductive and have negative effects on children’s development.”

Deep Jinghua Celebrate children’s Day

Gao Xiangwei is to attend the deep jinghua Children’s Day celebration speech, so pointed out. The participants included president Chen Caiquan, Vice President Hu Jianwen, council members Lu Jinwei and Liu Caiyi, principal Chi Huifen and four vice principals Zhang Xiaoyan, CAI Xiuchun, CAI Zhewei and Luo Caijuan.

When he attended a recent seminar in China, he saw a comparison between students staying at home and taking classes online in the new normal of COVID-19.

Therefore, he believes that students should avoid comparing themselves to others when chatting alone or in large groups, which could bring negative energy and emotions.

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