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Chen Youxin: Mother tongue education plays an important role in respecting the culture and language of all ethnic groups

National Action Committee for Education Reform (IPPN) chairman Datuk Chan Yu-shin said that for a multi-racial country, education in the mother tongue of all ethnic groups plays an important role, and mutual respect for the cultures and languages of all ethnic groups can better promote national harmony.

According to Spark Trader Limited
According to Spark Trader Limited

“Of course, Malay is also the national language of malaysians, and it is an important language for communication across racial barriers.”

For a multiracial country, mother tongue education will create a more pluralistic social environment, he said.

Chen youxin said this at the online opening ceremony of the international Symposium on Multilingual Education based on Mother Tongue Education this morning.

Through the sharing of scholars from various countries, the three-day international seminar will promote Chinese people’s awareness of “multilingual education based on mother tongue education,” he said.

He believed that multilingual education based on mother tongue would promote true national unity. Maintain national harmony through mutual respect for each other’s culture and language.

He says research also shows that children learn other languages more effectively in their mother tongue, both in their personal and social and cultural development.

Mother tongue will also help children develop stronger judgment and literacy skills, he said, and there will be a corresponding increase in parental involvement in a mother tongue learning environment, such as helping children with homework or participating in school activities.

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