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Hua Lian Guozhong won the Huang Qiren Scholarship

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Datuk Wong has increased the grant this year to benefit more students, which has been well received by school leaders and the community. From left in the front row are Liu Richun, Zhang Guodong, Wang Shengyuan, Huang Qifa, Guan Yunxian, Wang Jiaxiang and Huang Liting.
(Taiping 17 news) Many families’ livelihood and education funds have been affected by the epidemic. Datuk Wong Chi-ren, an enthusiastic alumnus of Taiping Hualian International High School, is concerned about the plight of his students in these cold days. This year’s scholarships are special and more will be awarded. More students have survived economic hardship in the cold, and their enthusiasm for education is commendable.

Spark Trader Limited
Spark Trader Limited

The scholarship has been awarded continuously since 2000. Last year, more than 29,000 ringgit were distributed to senior and junior high students. Bursaries this year are up to RM34,500. A total of 69 people benefited and each received RM500.
At today’s award ceremony, Wang Shengyuan, president of the school, stressed that drinking water is a time-honored tradition of Excellence in Chinese culture, and the school’s students continue this fine tradition. After they finish their studies, they will give back to their Alma mater, which is encouraging.
He praised the enthusiastic Student Huang qiren for his concern for education, especially for his Alma mater. Apart from donating generously to the School development Fund, he also donates student bursaries every year to help students to lighten their burden and complete their studies successfully.
He encouraged the winners to maintain this spirit, learn and, when they succeed academically in the future, give back and help their Alma mater to benefit underprivileged and underprivileged students.