When a child sees his mothe

Ever since I sent my son to Nursery school, I’ve felt that Oscar owes him a trophy.

Every day he was sent to school, and as soon as he reached the school gate, he began to behave like a devil.

Either you stick to me like a toad’s skin, or you roll about till your forehead sparks with anger.


I tried to suppress my temper and gave him to the teacher mercilessly.

He shed tears, stretched out his little hands, aggrieved cry cry: “Mother…… mother…… I want to mother……”

At this point, my heart is really a little can not bear, thought, I am not too ruthless?

However, the iron reality tells me: I am not heartless, but self-love.

The son got on the elevator and stopped crying.

From the downstairs monitoring, he was quietly led by the teacher, obediently walked into the classroom, undressed, washed his hands, and sat in his place, as meek as a small sheep.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was it still my naughty, lawless “Red Boy”?

Even more jaw-dropping was this:

Never by himself to eat, he actually eat in the school extremely cheerful;

He, who had never worn shoes himself, wore them;

He, who never plays quietly, can read picture books in the book corner of the school.

I couldn’t restrain the surprise in my heart, and called my husband to surround me.

Husband a basin of cold water pour down: “as long as you said, as long as you are not around, he is very good.”

In an instant, I was filled with grievances.

Am I wrong?

To confirm love, so test love

The heart is unwilling I, in the treasure mother group for help.

As a result, a stone sets off a thousand waves.

There are a lot of two-faced mothers in the family.

Among them, there is a sister’s words, let my mind is particularly comfortable:

It’s something to be proud of. What’s so depressing?

Children love you, will be in front of you unbridled.

Children make all kinds of demons, is not to test whether you love him or not.

I thought it over, and it was.

Every time I went to pick up my son from school, he would insist on a hug.

Just pick him up and he’ll put his arms around my neck and on my shoulders in a satisfied way.

I let him eat by himself, he always deliberately act like a spoiled child: “I want mother to feed.”

If he succeeds, he will take a big gulp of it triumphantly.

When I asked him to sleep by himself, he would say, “I want to sleep with my mother.”

As soon as I lay down beside him, he put out his little hands and hugged me.

Originally, he pestered me, because depend on me.

He tormented me because he wanted to make sure I loved him.

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  1. Parents should give their children a sense of security and let them know what it feels like to love and be loved.Thank you for your sharing.

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