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Behind a good education, not family circumstances

In the CCTV program “Thank you, My Home”, a guest left a deep impression on everyone.

His name is CAI Xiaowan, an ordinary father, known as the “talent magician.”There are five sons and one daughter, each of whom has made outstanding achievements in his career.

Give your child an independent space to develop

Eldest son, PhD, Cornell University;Professor of statistics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania;

The second son, 14, attends The University of Science and Technology of China;PhD in Laser physics at the University of Rochester at 25;Vice President of equity Executive strategy at Goldman Sachs in 2004;

Third son, graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, The United States St. John’s University doctor, now back to China to start a business;

He graduated from The Department of Medicine of West China Medical University and holds a doctor’s degree from The University of Arkansas in the United States. He now founded a private hospital in Shanghai.

Wu Zi, master of Science and Technology University of China, currently holds an important position in China Construction Bank;

Youngest daughter, PhD in Natural Science, professor of Biostatistics, Harvard University;

Many people assume that Chua’s father either has money or a background, but the opposite is true.A village doctor on a shoebox salary, CAI’s family of eight lived for years in a rented house on 16 square metres.

So how on earth did he bring up such a good child?

The key was his “early education,” his belief that “read early.”

In the late 1960s, families gathered around each other every night to watch TV.But CAI xiaowan’s family is different. They read books together.When the children were very young, The regular program of CAI’s father’s family was “take the children to read books together”. From allusions and myths of ancient and modern times to classic children’s literature, both the husband and wife went out of their way to tell the children.

Because he believes: “reading these stories and poems to children from an early age can give children a good foundation of literary spirit, learning ability becomes strong, and the future learning more flexible.”

Visionary parents, will let the child win in the “reading” this starting line.

Eighty percent of top scorers prefer reading

19 years after the end of the college entrance examination, someone had done a college entrance examination top scorer questionnaire survey.

Forty “high achievers”, covering 27 provinces, scored the highest in arts and sciences.According to the survey results, 80 percent of the top students like reading.

Gu Mingyuan, a famous Chinese educational scholar, also once said:

“Not paying attention to children’s reading is one of the worst early education behaviors, and the reading differences that develop from childhood are the important ‘winning and losing’ differences later in life.”

Because reading is the foundation of Chinese, and Chinese is the foundation of all subjects!

From literacy to the accumulation of vocabulary, from picture books to the reading of classics, to the continuous improvement of expression and thinking ability, reading will benefit children for a lifetime.

Parents naturally want to maximize the benefits of reading, but there’s really no shortcut to reading.Unlike math and English, which can be improved by cramming, it relies more on interest.

There comes a moment when the parent realizes the importance of reading, but then realizes:

Kids only play with their phones and ipads. They never read books.

Reading can not concentrate, a reading will be sleepy, tired, hungry;

You read a lot, but when you finish it you forget everything.

Does my child have no talent?A natural lover of books?

No, actually, just like What Chua’s dad said:

“Children’s intelligence is the same, parents give the right guidance, is the first step to let the child into success.”

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