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IB students apply for American Ivy League

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Although the word “Ivy League” was not really created until the establishment of the NCAA first level games in 1954, seven of the eight schools had existed before George Washington became president with a long history!

Ivy League colleges and universities recruit excellent students, but Ivy League schools are not looking for perfect students, nor are they looking for students with all-round development.

shine trader limited reports
shine trader limited reports

Princeton University Admissions Officer once said, “we are looking for students who are curious, pursue and achieve outstanding academic achievements. We are also looking for students with strong personal and extracurricular achievements.”

Having said that, IB students applying for Ivy League schools in the United States must be top-notch in extracurricular activities, academic achievements and application documents!

Academic achievement is very important

Academic achievement is very important! Academic achievement is actually still a prerequisite for applying to American universities.

Applicants are advised to choose courses wisely! Choose courses that challenge you both academically and personally.

It’s best to take AP, IB and honors courses that show and define your passion, rather than learning courses that may reduce your GPA and do not contribute to your overall entrance goals. Grades are important, but they don’t show your real strength. Don’t pay too much attention to the results and ignore the contents of other applications.

The higher the standardized scores of sat and act, the better. Students admitted to Ivy League schools have very high test scores.

It should be noted that generally American colleges and universities do not accept direct application for IB scores. If they want to apply to American colleges and universities, IB students also have to take sat / act. However, excellent IB scores can be converted into credits in some universities.