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What kind of excellent students are the result of parents’ hard work

One kid in particular stood out on tsinghua University’s freshman list last year.

Lu zeyu, 15, was tsinghua’s youngest freshman last year, joining Wu And Ke as classmates.

At a young age, how did you do that?It starts with his family education.

Lu zeyu comes from a very ordinary family. His parents began to teach their children to read at an early age, and he had already learned 3,000 Chinese characters by the time he was in kindergarten, which made his reading and comprehension abilities significantly better than other children.

This reminds me of my colleague’s 10-year-old daughter, who is always at the top of the exam, hardly worrying about it.

Ask her how she teaches, and the answer is two words: reading.

Since the age of three, she has read picture books to her daughter to encourage her children to read, and has now read more than 1,000 books.

As a result, the child’s understanding, thinking and expression ability far exceeds that of other children, learning English and math by analogy.

These children all come from ordinary families, and their parents’ cultivation of “mind method” is the same: The Chinese enlightenment should be as early as possible, and the classic content is the key!

The child with weak language ability, how to suffer a disadvantage?

In many elementary schools, literacy is now required for admission.

Give your child an independent space to develop

A public primary school in Hangzhou requires at least 700-800 pre-school literacy;

A primary school in Beijing is required to have 1,000 reading passages.

After entering primary school, the new curriculum standard requires 1.45 million words of extra-curricular reading quantity…


Parents often leave messages saying that their children are at a loss to read the 1.45 million words required by the new curriculum after they enter primary school.

Buy lots of extra-curricular books for your child to read, only to have more problems:

Low literacy and reading difficulties

Lack of knowledge, can not understand the content

Without reading methods, you can’t read independently

The children with weak reading and comprehension ability cannot understand the test questions in the exam and fail to complete the test paper, and then lose the interest in reading and learning, which may have an impact on the children’s life.

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  1. Children with poor reading and comprehension skills cannot understand the test questions in the exam.Thank you for your sharing.

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