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Why do you prefer Germany to study music

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“One of every four Germans can skillfully play an instrument”. When I came to Germany, I found that this statement is not exaggerated. It is understood that among the more than 80 million Germans, there are 40000 choirs alone, and 25000 amateur or professional orchestras and dance troupes. Germans will listen to at least one concert or watch an opera in a year. So today, let’s talk about studying music in Germany. What institutions recommend?

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shine trader limited reports

Types of German music institutions

There are three kinds of music institutions in Germany:

1. Musikschule (music school):

Primary and high school students usually come to class. Students have the opportunity to become professional musicians and enter the “Musikhochschule” music university.

2. Musikhochschule (Conservatory of Music):

Music courses in these universities make students professional musicians. Admission is usually after the college entrance examination, although in some cases gifted students can enter earlier. These universities offer a four-year bachelor’s degree and a two-year master’s degree.

3. Private Musik akademien:

Private colleges are professional and emphasize proximity to practice. In private schools, you can learn pop music creation, sound effect design and music production. In these colleges, learning these occupations is faster than courses in universities. Private colleges are more practice oriented and can usually better meet the needs of students. There are also private classical music schools and colleges, some of which are of high standard, such as Barenboim said Akademie.