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Ranking of a * rate of IGCSE popular subjects in summer 2021

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CIE Examination Bureau quietly updated the a * rate data of the IGCSE exam in 2021 summer. The hardworking class representatives rushed to the front line to carry important information for everyone. Let’s gather in the front row and come and watch~

Affected by the epidemic, the GCSE & A-level test in Britain this summer, as well as the international tests of Edes and Oxford AQA Examination Bureau, were cancelled, and students’ scores were determined by teachers’ evaluation. The fresh and brave CIE is the only Examination Bureau that holds normal examinations this summer.

shine trader live reports
shine trader live reports

So, what is the a * rate of IGCSE subjects of CIE Examination Bureau this summer? Which subjects are most likely to get high marks?

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Ranking of a * rate of IGCSE popular subjects in summer 2021 (a * – G)

In the summer IGCSE test of 2021, the subject with the highest a * rate is additional mathematics (42.3%). Additional mathematics is a course for students who have a good foundation in mathematics and want to further challenge and improve themselves. Students who choose this course often have a high foundation in mathematics, so the proportion of a * students is generally higher than that of other disciplines.

Other subjects with high a * rate include physics (38.3%), chemistry (36.2%), Computer Science (33.6%), English Literature (29.4%), mathematics (27.8%) and Biology (27.7%).

Through the subject ranking, we can see that the a * rate of science subjects is generally higher than that of Humanities and arts subjects.

In the humanities, Economics (25.8%), history (25.1%), accounting (24.1%) and business (21.3%) are better subjects to get points this summer.

In 2020, CIE will cancel the international examination, and the scores will be determined by teachers’ evaluation, so the a * ratio is higher than that in previous years.

The summer test of CIE in 2021 adopts the scoring standard consistent with that in the UK, and the a * proportion is also high.

Comparing the performance data of 2021 and 2020, it can be found that there is little difference in the a * rate of Ig subjects in recent two years. Among them, the a * rate of most subjects such as additional mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, English literature, mathematics, biology, economy, accounting, business, sociology, geography and English ESL is higher than that in 2020.