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They are not out of place in the world. They are just changing the world

I deeply believe that if parents cannot accept their children and treat their children’s personality and temperament as social barriers, denying the children every day and thinking about changing the children every day, then how can the children accept themselves from the bottom of their hearts and achieve themselves?

Give your child an independent space to develop

As Haruki Murakami once said: “Not all fish live in the same sea.”

They are not out of place in the world. They are just changing the world in a quiet way.

Any child should be allowed to “be himself.”

Luo Yonghao shares this story:

“You don’t think I can talk nonsense on stage for so long, but I am actually a very introverted person. I feel sick all over when I have dinner with more than five people, and I have to spend a whole day alone reading books to recover after dinner.”

At first glance, this expression seems to be contradictory. One side says that he is very introverted, while at the same time, he can stand on the stage and give a speech to many people.

Well, this is also a message:

The criterion of introversion is not simply whether the children know how to chat, whether they love to communicate with others, whether they dare to show themselves in public, and whether they can participate in some lively activities.

Many people see these signs in their children: shyness, shyness, lack of agreeableness and lack of expression, and they immediately assume that their children are introverted, difficult to like and difficult to achieve.

As a matter of fact, everyone has a multi-faceted personality. A child can be introverted but courageous, or extroverted and shy.

As parents, we should understand that every child of every character has its own rhythm, its own “space for recovery” and its own way of dealing with the world.

As the Book The Power of Introversion explains:

“Both parents and teachers should realize that introversion and introversion are just sensory differences between the nervous system and external stimuli. Learning to accept, communicate and help children grow is the right way to teach.”

Love children, please allow him to live their own, with a different wonderful.

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