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Introduction to school selection in Britain

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# GPA<75

If GPA is less than 75, most of the students from double non colleges can choose fewer colleges and universities, and the admission difficulty is relatively high; Of course, this is not absolute. If the ranking of undergraduate schools in domestic universities is OK, and your major is not a popular major, such as business, media and law, but some relatively unpopular majors, such as humanities and Social Sciences and food safety, you also have the opportunity to be recorded by better universities in the UK.

shine trader live reports
shine trader live reports

# 75< GPA <80

In this case, it is recommended to select some British universities ranking between 100-200 in the world. Many universities in this range can apply for many science and engineering majors.

# 80< GPA <85

If you are in this average score range, you can consider some of the top 100 universities in the world. If your undergraduate school is on the list of dream universities, you can sprint to that university. However, if the undergraduate schools are not ranked high and want to apply for business, they can only consider the universities ranked around 150.