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Love our children as they are

In Ba Xue Yuan, the little girl was always a loner, reading alone, eating alone, walking alone, playing games alone.

Give your child an independent space to develop

“I just like to play by myself,” she said. “I think it’s good to play alone. Everyone has their own choice and I have the right.”

I believe that there are many parents, when their children like to be alone so much, social poor, must be extremely anxious, and even wonder if there is something wrong with their children.


And one of the mother, but has a different point of view, she never felt that her daughter does not make friends is very strange, do not think alone is wrong.


Instead, a mother listens to her child first, accepts his character, and then guides him on how to make friends correctly.


When more than 10 years old, she had a friend, is willing to do some volunteering activities, but she would prefer to be alone, she said: “a friend is to accept information from the world, to be alone is to sort out the information of the world, can put herself and her friends together to learn, sublimation and precipitation, let oneself become a better person.”


Young, thinking and pattern than many adults are broad, at the same time, one of the mother’s courage to accept, also can not help but admire her profound educational concept.


Love our children as they are, not as we wish them to be.


After watching this video, I also think of another “inner child” who is not easy.


He is not the kind of idol artist, slow personality, but with talent and strength to attract countless fans, but also a person who likes to be alone.


He once said in an interview: “Introversion is not a personality defect, it is a kind of personality, so there is no need to force yourself. I hope everyone can accept and embrace their own personality.”


I deeply believe that if parents cannot accept their children and treat their children’s personality and temperament as social barriers, denying the children every day and thinking about changing the children every day, then how can the children accept themselves from the bottom of their hearts and achieve themselves?


As Haruki Murakami once said: “Not all fish live in the same sea.”

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