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The Ministry of Education refused to admit students

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Yang Hye-mun (second from left) pleaded with Ansun lawmaker Nee Hak-min (second from right) on Thursday. On the left is his mother Gao Lizhu and on the right is Wu Jialiang.
Yang Huiwen, a female high school student in Anshun, was accused of being rejected from a normal University and the University of Education. Ask for an interview and automatically lose your preferred education department.

Shine Trader limited
Shine Trader limited

With his assistance, City councilors Kang Soon-Kim and Yeung Wai-man, acting chairman of the Mahua Anshun District Council, personally wrote letters of appeal to the concerned units on July 12. In the letter, Yang acknowledged that she had failed MEdSI and asked for a reconsideration.
Mr. Jiang said that even if Ms. Yang failed the exam, he was still willing to write a petition for her in the hope that he could try to fill any vacancies at the school.
According to the Newspaper, the psychological test is the basic threshold for all STPM graduates who want to apply to education departments of public universities. First, they have to go through customs. The difference this year is that the exam will be answered online.
Candidates must complete 300 essay questions in an hour. The questions are divided into four parts, namely personality, career interest, integrity, and mentality.