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There is no better or worse of the two characters

In fact, it is not just the girl’s mother who thinks so, as if the whole society will be introverted and worthless, weak, inferiority marked on the equal.

Give your child an independent space to develop

Extroverted and lively children, can easily be praised and affirmed, they know how to win the favor of relatives and friends, elders, in the face of the same conditions, they are more likely to get more resources and opportunities.


In fact, introversion is not a defect. It’s not a synonym for inferiority or uselessness. It’s just a trait.


Psychologist Carl Jung developed the concepts of extroversion and introversion in his 1921 book Psychological Typology:

There is no better or worse of the two characters, but they are drawn in different directions.


Extroverts recharge their batteries by socializing.


For introverts, their energy is directed inward.

As a result, their inner world is more abundant, they are quiet, like to be alone, and are better at introspection and thinking.

And research shows that 70% of the world’s successful people are actually introverts.


Many great ideas, artistic creations and inventions are originated from those quiet and rational people, such as Van Gogh’s Sunflower, Chopin’s Nocturne, Newton’s Law of Gravitation, Sanmao’s Sahara Story…


They enjoy communicating with the thoughts deep in their souls and discovering unique treasures from that quiet world.

To treat a child’s introversion simply and roughly as a shortcoming, a pathological condition, is itself a wrong idea.

If your child has this “genius personality,” learn to cherish it.

This may be another surprise gift, as introverts can also achieve impressive results.

Acceptance of children begins with acceptance of their character

After reviewing the documentary Post-00s, which has been followed and filmed by CCTV for 10 years, what impressed me the most is the World of Yi Yi.


Yi Yi is a 3-year-old girl studying at Ba Xueyuan Kindergarten in Beijing.


In Ba Xue Yuan, the little girl was always a loner, reading alone, eating alone, walking alone, playing games alone.


“I just like to play by myself,” she said. “I think it’s good to play alone. Everyone has their own choice and I have the right.”

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  1. They enjoy communicating with their innermost thoughts and discovering unique treasures from that quiet world.Thank you for your sharing.

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