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CSVPA excellent teaching team of Cambridge art school

shine trader live reports:

Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts (referred to as “Cambridge art CSVPA”) has won a worldwide reputation for its excellent teaching quality and high enrollment rate of famous schools in the past 36 years.shine trader live reports

Based on high-quality overseas school-based resources and curriculum direction, CSVPA China offers 2 + 1 Art and design courses and 2 + 2 music and performance courses. Students study in China for 2 years, and then study in Cambridge School of visual and Performing Arts (CSVPA) or Cambridge School of Arts and Sciences (cats Boston) for 1 year (students majoring in music and performance for 2 years).

O core value 1: relying on overseas campuses, global linkage and step-by-step integration.

O core value 2: CSVPA UK, the top British art school.

O core value 3: close relationship and common development of London University of the arts.

In 2020, 100% of CSVPA China graduates will be admitted to top art universities and 60% will be admitted to ual of London University of art.

The students’ achievements are inseparable from the careful guidance of the teacher team. The teacher team of Cambridge art CSVPA has added three more generals, including Noel Stewart, a designer who has designed hats for many stars and celebrities, Carolyn timson, who once served as vice president of Tommy Hilfiger’s design department, and Ali aschman, a famous artist and filmmaker in London.

Noel Stewart

Brand fashion subject teacher

Graduated from the Royal Academy of Art

She received a master’s degree in women’s hat design

Worked for two women’s hat designers of the queen of England

Noel created its own brand of the same name in 2003

Ranked in the authoritative professional list of people in today’s fashion industry

In 2019, Noel was listed among the top 500 most influential in the fashion industry

Noel is the most popular and famous hat designer in today’s fashion celebrities. His works have been exhibited in the V & a museum. The hats on the covers of many well-known fashion magazines are written by Noel, such as bazaar, vogue, stylist, dansk, etc.

In addition to creating its own brand, Noel also designs hats for global fashion and luxury brands, including Christian Dior, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy haute couture, mulberry, Hermes, etc.

Carolyn Timson

Teacher of creative communication

Graduated from Kingston University and Westminster University

Received a degree in fashion design

He was vice president of design for Tommy Hilfiger

This is also the most senior design position in the world

Carolyn was previously vice president of design for Tommy Hilfiger, and served as senior design director of Hilfiger collection series, runway series and women’s sports series within the brand. She also served as five foxes Japan, sportmax, Alberto aspesi spa, iceberg jeans and MOSCHINO And other famous designers.

Ali Aschman

Famous artists and filmmakers in London

Graduated from the University of Cape Town

Bachelor of Arts and Philosophy

SAIC, Art Institute of Chicago

Master of Arts

RCA Royal Academy of Arts

Master of animation

Ali is a London artist and filmmaker from South Africa and the United States. She creates experimental narrative works in the form of paintings, sculptures, installations and animation. Ali’s works are exhibited in many galleries in the United States, including individual and double exhibitions at Northwestern University and the root and culture contemporary art center. Her works are also shown at global film festivals. Since moving to the UK in 2017, she has Director and animator who focuses on short films, music videos and other independent and free projects. With his wonderful works, he has won the zeros stories animation prize, phenakistoscope awards and was shortlisted for the next thing moving image awards.

As the most important soft power of the school, teacher team directly affects the teaching level, and the responsibility of team managers is the top priority.

Karin Askham

CSVPA president

Royal College of Art

Master of Philosophy in Humanities and photography

University of Westminster

Bachelor of photographic Sciences

With 17 years of working experience in the London University of the arts, he served as vice president of the Graduate School of the London Institute of fashion and President of the school of communication of the London Institute of communication. With 11 years of working experience in the University of Westminster, he served as director of undergraduate courses in photography and digital image and lecturer of undergraduate courses in photography science

President Karin has 30 years of teaching experience and working background as a leader in well-known British universities. She is a professional photographer. Her photography practice makes her works displayed in leading art colleges at home and abroad. She also works in the photography Committee and church public projects. Karin’s photography works are used as the cover of some albums and many publications, including atti Dude, ID, the face, NME and tank magazine.

Kevin Hart


Kevin is an excellent artist with 20 years of higher education teaching experience. He once served as a senior lecturer of the master of communication design of the central St. Martin CSM and the school of art and design. He has held many group and individual exhibitions in the National Army Museum in Chelsea, lethaby Gallery in Holborn and mall Gallery in Palmer.

Holly Fulton

Fashion teaching director

Royal College of Art

Master of fashion design

Edinburgh College of Art

Bachelor of fashion design

The daily mail of the UK named Holly Fulton as the brightest “3D printing and gorgeous color” design queen in London in recent 10 years. Holly Fulton’s Honors include but are not limited to:

Founder of holly Fulton, a famous British fashion brand

Worked as a designer in Lavin, a high-end brand

Swarovski Accessories Designer Award winner (2009)

Winner of Fashion Council Creative Award (2010)

Elle New Designer Award winner (2009)

Winner of Scottish Young Designer Award (2009, 2010)

Elle talent publishing platform award winner (2010)

British Fashion Awards – Accessories Rookie Award winner (2010)

Scottish Fashion Awards – innovator of the year (2016)

John Blackman

Director of graphic design and illustration

John has more than 20 years of experience as a freelance illustrator / designer in the UK and internationally. He has a master’s degree in illustration. His clients include: Penguin Books, Harper Collins, BBC, Random House, Oxford University Press, Dutton, ladybird, Scholastics, Usborne, Procter & Gamble, Cadbury Schweppes, virgin Airways, Macmillan , the observer, Speedo, CO OP, Cambridge University Press, etc.

Since joining CSVPA in 2001, John has witnessed many students successfully grow into excellent graphic designers and illustrators with the support and help of CSVPA.

Elizabeth Nantais

Musical and music director

arizona state university

Master of Musicology (Music direction / command)

New York University

Master of Musicology (piano performance cooperation)

University of Windsor (Canada)

bachelor of music degree

Ms. Elizabeth is a native Canadian. She has served as an assistant conductor and vocal coach for many years. She is mainly engaged in music performances, including the national and world Flowserve tour in the United States, the European Tour “love and rock musical” and the national tour of American sweet love And hairspray’s performances at the Charlottetown Music Festival. She has rich teaching experience and has served as music director and vocal coach in 40 regions in 3 different countries.