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Foreign students can return to Australia in January next year

shine trader live reports:

Recently, Queensland governor annastacia palaszczuk announced on social media that international students who have been fully vaccinated with the new crown vaccine will be able to return to Queensland next year (2022).

It is reported that foreign students can start to implement the above plans as soon as early January next year. On behalf of foreign students, they can return to kunzhou as soon as January next year.

According to the details disclosed by the Australian government, 350 students will be allowed to enter the state every two weeks from January 2022, and then expand the scale with the improvement of vaccination rate.

Attitude of the Australian Government

According to Australian media reports, at the 2021 International Education Conference, Australian Minister of education Alan tudge expressed strong hope on behalf of the Australian government. He said at the meeting that the government is also considering new policies to “speed up the rapid return of foreign students to school”. “This is one of our great export industries and we hope to see its strong return,” he said at the international education conference

Alan Tucker, Minister of education of Australia

He said that when the border is open, the international student union wants to return to Australia. We are famous for our high-quality education, enviable lifestyle and hospitality.

Precautions for returning to Australia

You must have a valid visa to return to Australia.

It must be able to prove that it has been vaccinated with the vaccine approved by the Australian medical authority TGA.

You need to buy air tickets at your own expense.

It is reported that in addition to the four vaccines approved for use in Australia (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson), China Sinovac Kexing and India covishield vaccines have also been recognized by Australia TGA.

Australia liberalizes border tourism policy

Australian authorities announced on Wednesday (27th) that all Australian citizens and permanent residents fully vaccinated against coronary heart disease will be allowed to travel abroad from November 1.

It is reported that in order to curb the epidemic of coronary heart disease, Australians have been banned from going abroad for more than 18 months. Only a few people enjoying exemption are allowed to go abroad. Australians living overseas and fully vaccinated against coronary heart disease are also unable to return home due to the upper limit of the number of people entering the country. Australian Prime Minister Morrison: “our national opening-up plan is working because the vaccination rate is getting higher and higher.”

From November 1, people returning to Sydney and Melbourne from abroad will not be required to perform isolation regulations as long as they have completed vaccination; Most other cities that maintain zero cases are expected to relax entry measures once the vaccination rate reaches the standard.

In addition, the Australian drug regulatory authority announced on Wednesday that it is conditionally approved to vaccinate Pfizer vaccine supplements for people over the age of 18 in Australia, and the plan for the third injection is expected to be launched in November.

Australia and Singapore Exchange borders

After Singapore launched the quarantine free tourism program for vaccinators, many countries and have launched relevant cooperation.

At the same time, Australian Prime Minister Morrison also recently announced that the arrangement between New Zealand and Australia to allow vaccinated people to travel without isolation has entered the final stage. It is expected that it can be finalized within next week, and Australia will open more categories of visa holders to enter the country.

It is reported that in the initial stage of the new Australia interchange, students and business tourists from the two countries who have been fully vaccinated against coronary disease will be the first to be allowed to enter Australia and Singapore before they will be open to leisure tourists. This arrangement will also depend on quarantine restrictions in individual Australian states.