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Tiger Dad makes bold Decision after 9-year-old

I still remember once seeing a parent, in order to make the child become outgoing, the child must take the initiative to say hello to 25 strangers every day, and will not be allowed to go home until he finishes.

They even took their children to public places with large crowds every day and pushed them into the crowd with a firm hand.

As a result, the child becomes more and more fearful and even repellent to communicate with others.

Messy, heavy, unproductive socializing actually drains introverted children of their energy, only to produce worse results.

Parents are determined to let their children exercise “courage”, I am afraid that the end will only let the child scared.

Introversion is not a defect


Once, I went back to my hometown to attend a family dinner.


A 6-year-old girl was sitting quietly at the dinner table when several other parents talked about what talent their children should learn.


The girl’s mother said proudly, “My daughter dances very well. I’ll let her give you a performance.”

Then, the mother pushed her daughter, ordered her to put down the cutlery: “Quick, don’t eat, get up to show you aunts and uncles.”


The girl kneaded, her brow furrowed, her mouth involuntarily narrowed.


As I looked over, I saw the girl’s eyes filled with tears, her eyes filled with fear and resistance.


At that moment, I seemed to go back to my childhood when I was always scolded by my parents: “This child is introverted, too impolite, sorry ah.”

I didn’t have the heart to dissuade him: “Don’t do it. This place is too small to put to good use and the child hasn’t had enough to eat yet.”

However, the girl’s mother’s loud voice over me: “is not a performance, but also so small spirit, after growing up afraid is also a loss, really worthless”.

In fact, it is not just the girl’s mother who thinks so, as if the whole society will be introverted and worthless, weak, inferiority marked on the equal.


Extroverted and lively children, can easily be praised and affirmed, they know how to win the favor of relatives and friends, elders, in the face of the same conditions, they are more likely to get more resources and opportunities.


In fact, introversion is not a defect. It’s not a synonym for inferiority or uselessness. It’s just a trait.

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  1. It doesn’t matter if the child is introverted, parents need to constantly encourage, so that the child can grow up better.Thank you for sharing this article.

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