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Most majors in Germany are tuition free

shine trader limited reports:

Germany is a smaller country than China. 20 years ago, in 2001, there were less than 8000 Chinese students in Germany, but now 20 years have passed. According to our statistics, more than 45000 Chinese students are studying in Germany this year. We all know that they have been affected by the epidemic in the past two years, The mobility of our international academic scholars and students has been damaged to some extent.

But in fact, the number of offers made by Germany to our Chinese students has not decreased significantly. Just because of the epidemic, some students have obtained the admission notice of German universities, but can have online classes in China. Therefore, as a whole, the number of Chinese students in Germany, or the number of Chinese students admitted, has shown a stable upward trend over the past 10 years.

The results of China’s college entrance examination have also been recognized by German universities. Are there any special points to pay attention to in the application?

Two points to remind high school students and parents. First, college entrance examination scores are very important. Therefore, all disciplines in high school must study hard and strive for high scores. It is very important to be admitted by German universities or Chinese universities.

The second point is about language. When you think of studying in Germany, it’s very difficult to learn German. You have a state of awe and don’t want to go again. In fact, our German universities provide English courses and German courses. Therefore, students can first understand the curriculum of German universities, Take a look at whether the major you want to learn offers English teaching courses at the undergraduate stage. If so, you can go to Germany to study in English without learning German. If not, you may have to prepare German as soon as possible.

Is there anything special to pay attention to when studying in Germany during the epidemic? Including food, clothing, housing and transportation.

China is a low-risk area for Germany, that is to say, our Chinese students do not need to be isolated after they arrive in Germany, and then other epidemic prevention policies. I believe our Chinese students actually do very well. Everyone will seriously wear masks, wash their hands and disinfect them frequently to maintain a certain social distance.

Basically, we should do what we do in China and in Germany, and then refer to the German policy on vaccine, epidemic prevention requirements, etc. or some regional policies do not allow too many people to gather, so we can do it according to the local policy.

What other favorable policies can you introduce to us for studying in Germany next year, including tuition fees, scholarships, work visas, employment and so on.

In fact, these four points have been good news about studying in Germany for many years. For example, our tuition fees, public universities in German universities and public universities in German universities are basically free of tuition fees. Some people jokingly say that this is the most abundant scholarship for students all over the world by German education, without the distinction of full award and half award, Unifying most majors basically does not charge tuition fees.

With regard to employment, students hold study abroad visas. After graduation, they can change to a job-hunting visa at the German safe. The job-hunting visa is 18 months. Students can work, work and find a job without restrictions during the 18 months, and then find a job related to their major during this period, so they can conclude a labor contract with German enterprises, Stay in Germany through work visa.

There is a big gap for pharmacists and engineers in Germany’s job market, and students have great opportunities.

Language is an important concern for studying abroad. Do German universities have some helpful measures for language learning in schools?

After entering a German University, learning a language will be cheaper and more convenient, because many German universities have language centers, which will offer multilingual courses. Students can learn English or German, or learn another language in Germany, such as French, It depends on the specific curriculum of our German universities. Another point is the language center of German universities. Some of them can even let students study for free, or their tuition fees are very low, so students can use all kinds of resources provided by German universities to enrich themselves and enrich themselves.

In addition to tuition fee reduction, are there any scholarship programs for foreign students in Chinese and German official or schools?

We just mentioned that there are more courses in public universities in Germany. In fact, most public universities do not charge tuition fees. We also think it is a big scholarship.

In addition, my unit, the German Academic Exchange Center, i.e. DAAD, will provide certain scholarships to undergraduate and master students, as well as doctoral, graduate, doctoral or postdoctoral interview visiting scholars, especially at the undergraduate and master stages. Of course, there are not many scholarships, At the same time, the professional restrictions are relatively strict, so students can go directly to our DAAD official website to see if there are any scholarship programs suitable for them.