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Huang Qingyin: Parents are still waiting

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Huang Qingyin, director of Taiping Hualian Kindergarten, said that November of the previous year was the school’s year-end holiday. Parents began to register in October, but this year’s year-end holiday was extended to December 10, and the Ministry of Education has not announced it. For the school holidays at the end of next year, it will be difficult for parents to make proper arrangements for their children in the face of uncertain timetables.

She pointed out that the school has already begun enrolling students, but only a few parents have signed up for their children. Parents are in a wait-and-see attitude. They believe that they are worried that the epidemic will be severe next year and cannot attend physical classes. It is better to teach them at home.

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Enrollment after the epidemic has improved

A kindergarten operator in Taiping, who did not want to be named, said that for the safety of students and faculty, the announcement of new students has been delayed this year.

She said that enrollment announcements will be issued starting in June of previous years, and parents will also come to inquire, but this year few people come to inquire, and the coronavirus epidemic has indeed had a great impact.

“I will only enroll students after the epidemic has improved. For safety’s sake, I will only accept students introduced by people I know.”

She said that the students in the physical classes at the school are frontline personnel or double-paid families in the necessary service fields. Fortunately, this group of students attend classes to pay for the expenses so that the kindergarten can continue to operate.