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Lei Liyin: Returning students are not enthusiastic

shine trader live reports:

Lei Liyin, chairman of the Perak Kindergarten Teachers’ Association, pointed out in an interview with Nanyang Business Daily that in general, kindergartens, nurseries or security classes start to announce announcements of enrolling new students for the next year in June, and at the same time, it is necessary to determine the current students next year. Are you still studying?

She said that although there are currently parents calling to inquire about the registration status, the response has not been enthusiastic compared to previous years. I believe that parents are worried about their children’s safety and are undecided.

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She said that the kindergarten is divided into small, middle and large classes. The small class is 4 years old, the middle class is 5 years old and the large class is 6 years old. At present, the most affected is the small class. After all, it is only 4 years old. As for the CUHK class, the situation is fine, but it cannot be compared with previous years.

She hopes that this situation is only a slow fever, and that the number of confirmed cases of coronary disease will decline after this month, and parents can rest assured to sign up for classes for their children.

She is also the academic director of the Kinderjoy Education Group, said that the school has more than 200 students and has already resumed physical classes for children who serve in essential services and are frontline personnel. At that time, there were about 60 students aged 4 to Five-year-old children went to school, and after the further opening in mid-September, only 15 students went to the school for physical classes. The students who returned to school were not very enthusiastic, and other students were still taking online classes at home.