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thunderbolt Parents worry about their children’s safety

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Kinderjoy had previously opened the door for children of both parents who need to work to return to school for physical classes; in order to strictly observe the epidemic prevention measures, parents who signed up for their children can only visit the campus in the afternoon after the students return home.

Provided by Lei Liyin

(Ipoh News from the 24th) The coronavirus epidemic is severe and parents are worried about the safety of their children, causing the kindergarten freshmen to register coldly next year!

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Private kindergartens interviewed in Per state believe that the Ministry of Education announced in the middle of last month that all private kindergartens can operate in states that implement the first and second stages. However, it is believed that parents are still watching the epidemic situation in the state. Therefore, kindergartens will resume classes. The low attendance rate of the students will inevitably impact the enrollment of new students next year.

However, the kindergarten operators interviewed hope that the cold response of new students to enrollment is only a slow phenomenon, and the situation will improve as the new school year starts.