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In late April, Pingli County Middle School in Ankang city

Life is the bottom line

In late April, Pingli County Middle School in Ankang city, Shaanxi Province.

Girls must respect themselves and protect themselves

Xu, a 17-year-old high school senior, left a note on the desk saying four words “I’m sorry” and next to it a picture of a man holding a child.

There were nine “I’m sorry” messages in her cell phone memo.

After leaving the 13 sorry, Xu left school for more than 20 hours.

The next morning, was found in the family home due to natural gas poisoning died.

The staff arrived, judging from the corpse spot and pupil condition of Xu’s face, the time of death has been more than four or five hours.

The girl’s mother was devastated:

“She’s warm.”

At the same age as the morning dew, people just disappear.

The police later revealed details about the cause of the suicide that seemed implausible.

“In the simulation test of the class, Xu’s score in Ankang city and the class rank are not particularly ideal.

Her mother also took her daughter to spring outing to relax her mood and comfort her. It doesn’t matter. Try harder next time.

Unfortunately, these words did not comfort the child’s heart, before the next exam, the child chose to end their own life in a hurry.

Just like the 1.6-meter Lin Lin mentioned at the beginning of the article, she hangs herself on her knees on the shelf of the air-conditioner more than one meter high. If she has the survival consciousness of 0.01%, she can save herself by standing up.

But she didn’t.

Xu, who chose to commit suicide by natural gas, could turn off the valve, open the window and ask his parents for help even if he had a slight impulse to live.

But she didn’t.

Weak view of life and death, is the most terrible poison.

The girl who tries to get to this point is a long period of resignation, a long period of self-abandonment.

Be sure to tell your daughter:

Don’t imagine death.Life is above everything else. Nothing is more important than life.

In all our lives, we are bound to encounter evil, we are bound to encounter sorrow.

But no matter how much grief, can not choose to end life.

Suicide is the stupidest solution to a problem.

It says in Raising A Girl:

“When your daughter grows up, you can see the connection between the education you gave her and the strength and character she has today.”

Every girl is a pot of rare flowers, we try our best, most want, but is to protect her life comprehensive.

Don’t be afraid to reveal the dark side of the world to her.

The best protection for a girl is to lay the bottom line in her life and draw the warning line in her life.

Only when she knew where the darkness was could she avoid it and walk into the light.

One more word.

This article is written for parents with daughters, but it is written for parents of boys.

We’ve spent 20 years teaching girls to protect themselves, and we hope you’ll take a few minutes to tell your son:

Be moral and have a bottom line. Never hurt women at will.

The degree of a country’s civilization depends on its attitude towards women.

Hope this society is full of gentlemen, let “abuser” and “victim” zero.

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  1. Be ethical and have boundaries.Never hurt a woman.The civilization of a country depends on its attitude towards women.Thank you for your sharing.

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