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Eduwis Clever’s pre-school education goes against the current 2 The group has a combined market value of 62.9 million

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2 The group officially announced the merger. Chen Zhenhong on the left and Zheng Weixiang on the right.

(Kuala Lumpur, 30th) China’s rare combination plan for pre-school education and family-care classes is officially launched!

Eduwis, a nursery and kindergarten group with 70 franchise stores and directly-operated stores nationwide, and Clever, an Anqinban Group with 45 franchise stores and directly-operated stores, formally signed a merger agreement, which is referred to as the field of preschool education and security classes in China A very large-scale merger plan has also become a commercial move in the education sector against the current during the epidemic.

The two groups merged and named Eduver Education Berhad, and the company’s market value will also increase to 62.9 million ringgits. Under this merger plan, Eduwis founder Zheng Weixiang will serve as Eduver’s chief executive officer, and Clever founder Chen Zhenhong will serve as chief operating officer. As for Kedios Berhad, which owns shares in both groups, it becomes Eduver’s major shareholder, holding 45.97% of the shares.

Shine Trader Limited
Shine Trader Limited

Yu Keyan, the founder of Kedios, pointed out that after the merger of the two groups, the scope of services will be expanded and will be listed in the next 4 years.

“After the merger, there will be a Clever parenting class next to the Eduwis kindergarten. By then, students can make a good connection to their studies, and teachers can better grasp the progress, which will also bring convenience to parents.”

Not only that, Eduver will also raise about 24 million ringgits in 2022 to expand its business, including the opening of 28 new kindergartens and family-friendly classes. It will also carry out internal integration, and will use the attitude of a white warrior to acquire or invest in other domestic companies. The security class and kindergarten.

As early as last year, both Eduwis and Clever acted as separate groups to rescue and operate security classes and kindergartens facing crisis.

The scale of this merger is very large, and all attendees gave a thumbs-up.

Zheng Weixiang: There is still a lot of room for development

Zheng Weixiang said that this merger is his largest in the field of preschool education, and he chose to make such a major decision during the epidemic because he saw that many kindergartens and security classes in the market closed down, but the market supply has risen steadily. There is definitely a lot of room to play.

“Many people say that the market is weak, but the crisis is a turning point. In fact, this is the time for the industry to show its strengths, and the merger will undoubtedly increase the strength of the group.”

Chen Zhenhong also pointed out that this cooperation will undoubtedly bring water to the seemingly weak market. In addition, this merger can also make good arrangements for the future market to deal with the impact of foreign education groups’ beachheads in recent years.

“Local education companies should join forces, because if they go on their own, foreign companies may be vulnerable to local players. Therefore, this merger can also be a benchmark for the industry.”