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Three employment directions of business finance

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The United States has always been a popular country for studying abroad. Compared with most liberal arts, engineering and science majors, business majors are famous for their higher return on investment. After all, they spent one or two million studying abroad. Anyway, they have to find a way to earn this money back,

The financial major of business is one of the leaders, which is favored by countless students and parents. Today, Chengdu Shenyou will pick up with you when studying abroad.

When it comes to financial “finance”, I believe people in the study circle are familiar with it. Compared with Chinese comprehensive universities, the meaning of Finance set up by American universities is relatively narrow, mainly referring to matters related to capital market and enterprise operation. Therefore, American finance courses often focus on capital market and micro contents related to companies, Let’s take a look at the three major directions of finance.

01 master of Science in Finance (MSF) or master in Finance (m.fin.)

This is a professional master’s program for professionals interested in financial analysis, investment management and corporate, financial strategy and management. Relatively speaking, m.fin is more theoretical than MSF. In terms of typical curriculum, the core courses of master of finance are more focused on investment analysis, corporate finance, financial management or financial management. In terms of basic courses, students generally need to take advanced courses in economics, accounting and statistics. Compared with financial engineering, MSF is relatively less difficult to apply, But more theoretical.

02 financial engineering

Financial engineering, computational finance, mathematical finance and quantitative finance are different names of financial engineering. They emphasize the mathematical and computer background and mainly use mathematical tools to establish financial market models and solve financial problems. In addition to the professional knowledge of finance, its courses have a strong flavor of science and technology, often including mathematics, physics and computer language. Therefore, it is often taught jointly by multiple colleges and departments. According to different professional emphases, it may be located under business schools, engineering schools or mathematics departments.

Employment direction: mainly for futures, stock index and other related industries with high salary but few employment opportunities. Graduates have the opportunity to enter financial service industries such as investment banks, fund companies and risk management departments or other related industries to engage in quantitative and technical work, and also provide opportunities for people with science and engineering background to change careers.

Application suggestion: there are many applicants for this project, and it is increasing year by year. However, there are not many schools offering MFE, and there are many applicants, so the competition is also very fierce.

MFE prefers students with science and technology background. Applicants from famous universities should have high GPA and g / T scores, and have internship experience in finance and brilliant PS, etc;

If the applicant has a work internship experience in statistics, it will also become a part of enhancing the mathematical background, and it will be very helpful if the applicant has participated in the digital simulation competition and won the prize.

03 MBA financial direction

MBA is a business education with a wide range of comprehensive aspects. If you are also interested in accounting, marketing or human resource management in addition to finance, it is a good choice to study MBA, because its curriculum is more extensive, and the school system is generally about two years. But the MBA of famous schools will pay more attention to the applicant’s work experience.