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Five elite schools in the UK: Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College, University College London and London School of economics and politics are collectively known as the UK G5, also known as “the G5 group or the G5 super elite”.

They are the representatives of Britain’s top schools. Among many colleges and universities, they are among the best in terms of teachers, scientific research level and economic strength. They are also the education palace that many students yearn for.

Students graduating from G5 are either world elites or political leaders, promoting global economic and scientific and technological progress.

Therefore, applicants who can enter G5 learning must be outstanding. They can not only obtain the “admission ticket” of famous schools by excellent results.

UK G5 admission requirements

University of Cambridge

In 2022, QS World University ranked No. 3

Cambridge University is the second oldest university in the English speaking world. As a member of Russell university group, it has a strong academic atmosphere and ranks at the top of the world comprehensive ranking all year round.

In the master’s application, for Chinese students, the undergraduate background is usually 985 / 211 university, with an average score of 85% or above. In addition, for applicants from excellent universities, an average score of 90% or above is required.

Language requirements need to be viewed separately according to the major. Generally, the total IELTS score is required to reach 7.5 and the single score is not less than 7.

After passing the academic background, you still need an interview and overall investigation before you really get the offer of Cambridge University.


In 2022, QS World University ranked second

Founded in 1167, Oxford University is one of the oldest universities in the world and a member of Russell university group in the UK. It is called “Oxbridge” together with Cambridge University.

In the master’s application, Oxford University requires applicants from China to give priority to students with 985 / 211 background, and the score is required to be 85% or above, while 90% or above is required for other excellent university backgrounds.

The language requirements are divided into standard and advanced levels, which vary according to the specialty. Under the standard threshold, the total IELTS score is not less than 7.0 and the individual score is not less than 6.5; For the higher threshold, the total score is required to reach 7.5 points, and the single score is not less than 7 points.

In other words, in terms of performance requirements, if you want to apply for Niu Jian, you must pass the academic examination. You almost have to get an average score of 85-90% in various examinations and assignments at the undergraduate stage before you are expected to take the first step out of the world famous school.

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

In 2022, QS World University ranked 7th

Imperial College of technology, founded in 1907, is an independent college of the University of London and a member of Russell university group. It specializes in science, technology and medicine. It has higher requirements for mathematics background and tends to engineering students.

Students from 211 institutions are required to have an average score of no less than 80%, but priority will be given to applicants with an average score of 85% or more, while other schools have higher requirements.

IELTS requires a total score of 7.0 and a single score of no less than 6.5. Compared with Niu Jian, the overall threshold is much lower.

University College London

No. 8 in the comprehensive ranking of QS World University in 2022

Founded in 1826, University College London is the oldest and largest college in London. Among G5 colleges, UCL is relatively easy to apply for, but some majors also need to take written tests and interviews.

Most majors in UCL are required to reach the British 2:1 level, and the average score of students is required to reach 85%, which is also applicable to super popular business majors.

UCL is divided into three levels in language requirements, corresponding to IELTS total scores of 6.5, 7.0 and 7.5 respectively, and the minimum score of a single item is no less than 6.0. It is generally recommended that students apply for 7.0 points to increase the offer gain rate.

London School of economics and Politics

In 2022, QS World University ranked 49th

Founded in 1895, the London School of economics is one of the largest colleges in London.

Although LSE is not in the top 10 of the QS list like other G5 categories, it feels that its strength is poor, but in fact, LSE focuses on the field of Social Sciences and is a fighter for politics and business.

LSE ranked second in the world in the field of social science and management for eight consecutive years from 2013 to 2020, second only to Harvard University.

Moreover, LSE has always preferred Xueba and has high requirements for academic achievements.

Therefore, in the graduate admission requirements, the benchmarking needs to meet the British 2:1 level requirements, and the average score for graduation from 985 / 211 colleges and universities needs 85% +. If it is other schools, there must be a minimum of 90% average score.

For majors with first-class requirements of English system, the above score threshold shall be increased by 3% respectively.

In terms of English, the total IELTS score should be at least 7.0, and the individual score should not be less than 6.5. Like Oxford University, there are standards and higher thresholds. The total score of higher should be consistent with the standard, but the reading in the individual must be 7.0.

UK G5 four admission criteria

Guideline I

Excellent academic background

Applying for G5 is a fairy fight.

From the admission results over the years, G5 basically loves 985 / 211 colleges and universities, and other colleges and universities should also rank in the top dozens of soft subjects, and students’ scores should basically reach 85% or more.

In particular, the requirements of British business schools are generally higher than those of American business schools. Many schools are not only G5, but also have their own colleges and universities, so having a background that meets the requirements of the school is the premise.

In contrast, although UCL is to some extent the most friendly G5 institution in the background of undergraduate institutions, and there are no clear requirements for the background of undergraduate institutions, it basically recruits Chinese institutions above 211, and popular majors such as MSc Finance are very strict.

Guideline II

Academic achievements should be up to standard

Achievement is the first step towards the G5 threshold.

Under the background of 985 / 211, most majors require 85% – 90%, and the average score of other domestic universities in the top 100 is more than 90%.

And there is another very important point: accurate professional positioning, professional background should be highly matched, and never apply for disciplines that are inconsistent with your professional background.

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