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The wrong choice became the beginning of several unhappy

The wrong choice became the beginning of several unhappy families behind.

When the last straw want to break off the marriage, but did not expect to take the life in.

Girls must respect themselves and protect themselves

Be sure to tell your daughter:

Never walk into a relationship easily, you have to learn to discriminate carefully.

Is he someone who makes you a better person or someone who consumes you?

As the 8-year-old girl in Guizhou province said in an interview with @pear Video:

Ignorant when ignorant, love is a waste of good youth potion, you drink the potion of love, it proves that you want to waste your good youth.

If you don’t have the courage to stay away from the shoreline, long lonely adrift on the sea, then you will never find a new continent.

Stop your losses in time, and say goodbye to those who don’t deserve it.

You want to be the smartest girl in the world.

There is a very good saying in the Kernel of Destiny:

One can’t really escape from something.

If one day you run away from something through luck, the other through cowardice, sooner or later, you will meet it a third time.

A girl should never bow her head to the hand that violates her bottom line.

If LinLin can encounter the first time of misfortune, summon up courage, uncover the true face of Chen, is not the end of the story, will become different?

Unfortunately, there are no ifs.

Remember the beauty blogger Yu Ya who was attacked by domestic violence.

So a smile bright, dexterous beautiful girl, but endure the boyfriend sick torture and mind control.

Yu bud

Dressed in the sheepskin of meekness, he was warm, kind, upright, tender, and responsible. Yu Ya fell into the trap he had set.

When the sheep’s skin had dropped off, the Wolf showed himself, and she said:

“He stamped on my face with his shod foot and I could smell the soles of his shoes dirty outside.”

“It takes a week for the swollen face to recover. I’ve remembered five times.”

There was no escape.

In front of the big and tall man, yu Ya like a fragmented no resistance to the doll, was cheated to play with female feelings of men from the elevator to pull and drag violently……

Domestic violence, indecency, sexual assault…Society’s malice towards women is everywhere.

But really, when this happens, the best thing to do is save yourself.

It is never felt by others, and even bystanders send veiled ironies full of suspicion.

Only in the first place, if you are brave enough to slap off the outstretched dirty hand and cut off the uncomfortable feeling, can you avoid more damage.

He pressed his luck for a moment, but took a step back and made it worse.

Be sure to tell your daughter:

Have the strength of a lion and the heart of a Bodhisattva.With the strength of the lion to struggle, with the heart of the Bodhisattva to treat people.

You have to be a rose, to live beautifully, and to have a thorn, and to be pretty but not to be offended.

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