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Brown University Scholarship policy reform

shine trader live reports:

As we all know, tuition fees in the United States are very expensive, and even become a burden for many families. When it comes to tuition fees in the United States, it is frightening to hear that. It is also estimated that the cost of books, accommodation and so on. After studying abroad, it directly empties the family.

But on October 25, Brown University announced the latest scholarship policy. Brown University is expected to invest $25 million a year to fund students.

Where will $25 million go?

American students from middle-income families

It refers to American students whose annual family income is less than 125000 US dollars can enjoy the tuition free policy; For students with an annual family income of less than $60000, in addition to free tuition, the school will also provide accommodation and Book subsidies.

Change need aware to need blind

It refers to providing financial aid to international students who cannot afford high tuition fees, or providing help for students’ tuition fees in other ways.

College entrance preparation program for gifted students

It refers to the provision of university preparation programs for gifted students in all public secondary schools where the school is located.

What is need blind?

There is such a provision in the admission policy of American universities, which is divided into need blind and need aware according to whether their economic ability is considered or not.

We need to explain two concepts: need blind and need aware.

“Need blind” means that the school can’t see the economic needs of students. Therefore, the school will decide whether to admit the student without knowing whether the student is able to pay the tuition.

“Need aware”, that is, the school will put a student’s financial situation into all other application factors of the student to consider whether to admit the student.

Only five American universities provide need blind policies, namely Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT and Amherst College.

The reason why Brown University can be so generous is that the investment income of donation in fiscal year 2021 is as high as $6.9 billion. The school also spent $194 million on the daily operation of the school.