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2021qs world university rankings released

shine trader live reports:

2021qs world university ranking officially released! I believe many partners know that QS has run various university rankings, such as MBA ranking, master of business ranking, etc.

But the annual ranking of world universities is undoubtedly the most concerned. Let’s follow Bai Xiaoshen to see the details of this ranking!

The reference indicators for this ranking are:

1. Academic reputation (accounting for 40%)

This indicator data comes from QS academic survey, which collected the opinions of more than 94000 university leaders on teaching and scientific research, which is also the largest and most widely covered similar survey in the world.

2. Employer reputation (accounting for 10%)

Investigate the employment level of the school. The data of employer reputation comes from QS’s survey of more than 440000 employers, which reflects the employability of graduates.

3. Faculty / student ratio (20%)

Inspect the teaching level of the school. The teaching quality of a university is often the reference point that small partners pay more attention to. The higher the proportion of teachers and students, the higher the attention of students. There must be some differences between students trained by one-to-one or many to one and one to many teaching methods.

4. Citations per faculty (20%)

Investigate the scientific research level of the University. The index data comes from Elsevier’s Scopus, the world’s largest academic journal database.

5. Proportion of international faculty ratio (5%)

6. International student ratio (5%)

To investigate the internationalization level of the University, the two indicators of 5 and 6 are to measure the attraction of the university to international faculty or international students.