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How do foreign students do part-time jobs in Germany

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Many foreign students who go to university in Germany will do part-time jobs. How do foreign students start working here? Let’s talk about Germany’s requirements for foreign students’ part-time jobs and the types of jobs that students can do.


1、 Regulations on working for German students

1. About work permit: in principle, foreign students are allowed to work during their study in Germany, and they do not need a special work permit from the government. The residence permit on the international student visa has an attachment, with which you can work, but it should comply with the local regulations. However, students studying in language classes or preparatory classes are not allowed to work in principle. They can only work in their spare time with the permission of overseas Chinese and labor departments.

2. Time limit: Germany stipulates that students from non EU and EEA can’t work more than 90 days or 180 and a half days a year. The approval of the German labour department is not required within this time. If you want to work for more than 90 days or 180 and a half days in a year, you must obtain the permission of the German labor department and the overseas Chinese department in advance. Whether to obtain the permit or not depends on the employment situation of the labor force in the region where the foreign students are located. In areas with high unemployment rate, there is almost no chance to work for more than 90 days.

3. Other regulations: theoretical work and student assistants can work for more than 90 days a year, but the overseas Chinese department must be notified in advance. Students from non EU and EEA, even if their work is free, have to work within 90 days, except for compulsory courses.

2、 Work study type

1. Many companies in Germany publish information about hiring holiday workers in a variety of ways. This kind of work is relatively easy and the salary is high, but you need to apply for it yourself. If you are lucky enough, the salary for a summer vacation is definitely enough for your basic expenses for a semester in Germany.

2. Senior college students can help professors sort out documents in the school, that is, work for professors and help professors complete project tasks. However, there will be many applicants for such jobs, and they have high requirements for your professional achievements.

3. Librarian. Many university libraries in Germany will provide students with many part-time opportunities. Although working in the library environment is easy, many students want to get such jobs, so they must move quickly!

4. Chinese restaurant, this is the gospel of Chinese students! Chinese restaurants are all over Germany. This kind of job is especially suitable for foreign students who have just arrived in Germany. As long as your German is not too bad, you can generally find a good part-time job.

3、 Off campus part-time type

1. Many large companies will publish the news of recruiting holiday student workers in many ways

I have to send my resume to apply for this kind of work. Generally speaking, most of these jobs will be very easy and the salary is very high. If I am lucky to be admitted and work for three months, I can definitely meet my living expenses for one year, and I can have enough money to return home to visit my relatives during the winter vacation. For this kind of work, I must apply in advance and make sufficient preparations, and there will still be many opportunities. Personally, I was very lucky. I applied for a summer job at Unilever Mannheim for two consecutive years. The job was very easy and the salary was very high.

2. Looking for a job through zeitarbeit (work agency)

Although the job is easy to find, it is exploited by intermediary companies, the salary is relatively low, and the job is not stable, but the job usually introduced to students will not be very tired. It is still a good choice for students who do not directly apply for vacation work in the company. After three months, I can still cope with the next expenses.

3. There are also Chinese restaurants, which is the advantage of our Chinese students

Chinese restaurants are all over Germany. If you are new to Germany and German is still poor, you will also be asked here, but generally work in the kitchen and bar. The salary is low and tired, but after a period of time, when German is good, the boss will agree to be a waiter, and the income will be considerable, because the salary plus guest tips will be very rich. The advantage of this line is that you can work not only on holidays, but also on weekends.

4. Senior students in the university can do Hiwi in the University

It is to work for professors, help professors sort out documents and assist professors in completing scientific research projects. The work will be very easy, but it is not very good to apply. There are many applicants and have high requirements for students’ grades and language.

There are many types of working, such as tutoring, tour guides, etc. these five types are the most common. I think it’s easy to work in Germany. If students can have a frugal lifestyle, they can fully pay all their expenses.