Girls must respect themselves and protect themselves

If you have a daughter, talk to her about the “three Bottom lines”

Two days ago, there were reports from the official media.

Girls must respect themselves and protect themselves

Deng Linlin (not her real name), a female nurse, hanged herself on the roof of the home of the vice President of the hospital where she worked in Langxi County, Anhui Province.

Linlin left suicide note, uncovered the cause of death.

“It is hard for me to live every day. It is better to die every day over and over again.

I really can not carry down this, sorry mother, from the abortion period of time, Chen (some) he lied to me countless times…I love him and Hate him too much.”

The “Chen” mentioned in the suicide note was the vice President.

According to Lin Lin’s father, Chen hid the fact that he is married, cheated Lin Lin to do his lover, and Chen has been beaten and raped many times.

After the grounds of marriage to cajole Linlin, let her give up the report.

All the information on Linlin’s mobile phone was deleted. She had been diagnosed with depression before she died, and had been prescribed medication for depression in the hospital.

After the police recovered the chat records, confirmed that Deng had aborted two children for the deputy dean Chen.

Two days before the incident, Lin Lin was verbally abused and beaten by Chen and his wife at the hospital, leaving her with bruises on her body, arms and neck.

The incident was discovered by the police in the evening, a meter and a half of linLin, to a strange kneeling position, hanging from the ground only one meter high air conditioning frame outside…

After combing through the news, I stopped to think for a long time.

In this society, the news that girls are abused and victimized seems to be getting more and more.

The case of a woman who killed her wife and hid her body in Shanghai, the case of a dance teacher who had her throat cut, the case of a pregnant woman falling off a cliff in Thailand, and the recent murder of a female college student by her boyfriend in Nanjing…

Whether you admit it or not, stereotypes, social biases, physical differences between men and women all make women inevitably vulnerable.

So to be a parent, to keep your daughter out of trouble, to be a parent, you have to be from a very young age, you have to be under the tree for her.

There is a saying that the choice of a man is not about how good he can be to you when he is good, but how bad he can be to you when he is bad.

That makes sense.

By Chen’s rhetoric to confuse live LinLin, did not escape the false sugar-coated shell at the beginning.

Finally want to pull back, but accidentally walked into a dead end.

News of a man who beat his ex-girlfriend to death on the street in Luoyang, Henan province, two months ago was still ringing in my ears.

Surveillance video shows the man beating the girl on the ground for more than three minutes, kicking her and even lifting a roadblock of ice cream cones and throwing them at her head.

The 22-year-old girl was severely wounded and died after emergency treatment.

Both my sister-in-law and my friend have reminded the girl many times that he is not nice.

“He played CARDS, smoked, drank, gambled, got engaged, said he would be nice to [the victim], said he would work hard, but didn’t do anything behind his back.”

But the girl didn’t listen.

The wrong choice became the beginning of several unhappy families behind.

When the last straw want to break off the marriage, but did not expect to take the life in.

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