shine trader limited reports

Not enough to read Duke’s master’s program

shine trader limited reports:

It is said that Beaufort on the Atlantic coast

What university has a 15 acre marine laboratory?

Located in North Carolina, the four seasons are not clear

220 days a year are full of sunshine?

Winter is not very cold

On average, it snows only once a year?

Or No.1 of the top ten Basketball Schools in the United States?

Can you believe there are joint universities in China?

Do you know how good this joint university is?

Among the top 10 universities in the United States

Duke University is the only one founded

University of Sino foreign joint universities

The ECE project brought this time

(Master of electronic and computer engineering program)

The cow is at these three points:

1. The educational system of the project is 2 years, 1 + 1

(in the first year, you can choose to study in Duke in the United States in the second year)

2. After graduation, you can obtain a master’s degree from Duke University

3. Apply for opt employment opportunities in the United States

Of course, the charm of Kunshan Duke University

It’s not just that

October 30th

The dean of the Graduate School of Kunshan Duke University was specially invited

Li Xin

Get to know Duke University and Kunshan Duke University together

Master of electronic and Computer Engineering

Add small assistant

Reply “Duke”

I knew all kinds of information!

Duke University is the world’s top research university

Ranked No. 9 in the U.S. News ranking of American universities in 2022

Top 20 in the world

Duke University has a short history

But both teaching quality and academic level

Can compete with Ivy League schools

Students once joked that Harvard University was “Duke of the north”

Duke University is located in North Carolina

The four seasons are not distinct, and the sun shines most of the year

Autumn starts from September to November

Winter is not very cold

On average, it snows only once a year

It can be said that it is a very suitable climate for learning

Duke University pursues academic excellence at the same time

He is a representative of famous private schools in the United States

It is considered that “Duke has the best basketball team in the world”

The top ten Basketball Schools in the United States ranked by the American sports channel espn

If you become a member of Duke, Duke will invite you to paint your face blue

Cheer for Duke’s Duke men’s basketball team

Because of Duke’s deep basketball culture

A total of 51 players were imported for the NBA

Duke University has 12 colleges

The master of electronic and computer engineering belongs to Pula secret service college

Department of engineering, electronic and computer engineering

biomedical engineering

He received the highest academic score in the New York Times University Guide

And in the employment report 2020

Of the master of electronic and computer engineering program at Duke University

The average salary of graduates reached $113900。